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How was your week, friends? I spent it setting up monthly payments to organizations that do good work and hosting 20 friends for an event I called “Sad Feminists Eat Their Feelings.’ As you read this, Kenny and I are celebrating a huge project he just completed. We’re commemorating it in our very favorite way: dinner at a Wisconsin supper club, diner breakfasts, weird motel.

Awesome stuff from my lovely sponsors

It’s officially Dark Liquor Season. It’s time for Old Fashioneds sipped fireside. Did you know you can make your own bitters? I love BitterBlisses’s bitters kits – you can make two bottles of bitters from each kit. One for you and one for a friend!

I love a good listicle and Meg has heaps: 12 life lessons I learned from thrift shopping, 6 ways to be, 6 ways wearing an art t-shirt can make you happier and bolder.

A must-read if you’re heading to Thanksgiving with family members who put you on edge. (No. Seriously. Reading this is an investment in your life. )

Related: How to survive holiday travel and How to survive holiday dinner.

Two purchases that are already making my winter better:
These camisoles (they make everything warmer and better fitting)
This hydrating cleanser (it’s $7 and has 3,000 4.5 star reviews)

A great roundup of vegetarian Thanksgiving sides.

I loved this house tour. That green velvet couch!

Use this planner to design the holiday season you really want.

Eeesh. I’m sad to say my neighborhood has been experiencing a rash of break-ins in the last few months. A great (if slightly terrifying) read about what 86 convicted burglars looked for before they robbed a house.

This is great. Practical ways for writers and teachers to get involved in politics and community right now.

Grown up summer camp? For foodies? $600 for 3 days, lodging, drinks, and food included? Sounds amazing, right?!

I loved  Gala’s take on ‘finding your purpose
There is no such thing. Our purpose is whatever we say it is. The meaning of life is whatever we bring to it. It’s that simple. So many people are waiting to find out their purpose. That is just fear, dressed as  perfectionism, manifesting as procrastination. None of us have one true reason for being on the planet.

Songs for peace and protest

And a huge list of happy-making songs

You’ve already seen all the amazing Obama/Biden BFF memes, right? 

The Times asked 15 families from across the country to show us the holiday dishes they make that speak most eloquently about their heritage and traditions. The stories of these home cooks help tell the story of the nation, the story of who we are. So beautiful. 
On their farm in Junction City, Wis., they rub the turkey with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, and stuff it with bean-thread vermicelli and shredded carrots, cabbage and cilantro doused with fish sauce, as if it were an egg roll.
They were teenagers when Saigon fell. Because many Hmong had helped the Americans during the war, there was fear of reprisals, and they fled on foot from their villages on the Xieng Khouang Plateau, heading “where the sun sets,” as Ms. Yang, their oldest daughter, recalls her parents saying. In the Ban Vinai refugee camp in northeast Thailand, they fell in love and married.

An entire museum for rocks that look like faces! Into it.

A pretty DIY felted cushion.

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