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How was your week, friends? We Thanksgiving-ed with my sister and her family and then pulled out our lone shoe box of holiday decorations and put them up. The weather is unnervingly warm and un-November-y, which is 15% awesome and 85% creepy. :/

Some awesome stuff from my lovely sponsors

Sarah is running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in her store with the code: wintersale. Ecourses to help you get unstuck! Art prints! Mugs!

Amy is constantly publishing helpful, wonderful things. I love her posts on flipping your internal script and 4 quick steps to get where you want to be by year’s end 

Related: have we already talked about this specific candle?

If you’re trying to do your holiday shopping at independent businesses this year, this roundup will help!

I love this idea: A peace and justice advent calendar!

Related: A week ago, Trump-supporting white nationalists met in Washington, D.C. They closed their meeting with Nazi salute, yelling ‘Heil Trump! Heil victory!” This is really, actually happening in our country. Use this spreadsheet of scripts and phone numbers to contact your representatives and tell them we won’t accept this.

What does prison look like around the world?

I’m Agnostic, but I loved Tracy’s roundup up of 16 non-traditional ways to say grace.

Incredibly random product rec: I love these and keep them in all my bags, drawers, and glove compartment. Perfect for those of us who have a savory tooth rather than a sweet tooth!

Under the heading of ‘History Can Be Fascinating’: The Story Of Marita Lorenz, the CIA Agent Who Was Sent To Kill Castro But Slept With Him Instead
Lorenz’s first assignment for the CIA was to assassinate Castro. She trained for her mission, dubbed Operation 40, in Miami, and before she knew it, she was on a plane to Havana. She was given was given two botulism-toxin pills that looked like “white gelatin capsules,” which would kill him in 30 seconds, along with the “guts pill” she’d been ordered to swallow before leaving. “It’s some kind of shit the C.I.A. gives you,” she said, “that makes you feel very strong, courageous, indifferent. Like speed.”

But even with the guts pill, Lorenz’s mission was toast. “I knew the minute I saw the outline of Havana I couldn’t do it,” she said.

If you want a break from fit-spo and smoothies, follow these 10 national organizations on Instagram – super interesting from a marketing perspective, too!

Nobody wants to buy you a really good lemon squeezer for Christmas. 23 life-improving gifts you should just buy for your damn self.

Interesting/un-surprising. It’s not being broke that makes us angry. It’s being broken when other people aren’t that makes us angry.
If your children go to a good school, but there are better schools nearby, are you placing them at a disadvantage? On an absolute level, their education might be just fine—even better than just fine. Relatively, it’s worse than what they could theoretically be getting, and what the kid next door might be getting. Our lives don’t make sense in abstraction, only when compared with the lives of others.

I pride myself in being a good storyteller – both online and IRL – so I loved this post about how how to “tell stories so interesting people won’t be tempted to pull out their phones.

So awesome! Books arranged by geography so you can find a book about your next vacation destination!

These ballet flats are out of my price range but I appreciate that they’re made out of recycled material, are carbon neutral, and can be machine washed!

A perfectly placed neon light.

As though we needed another reason to eat Greek yogurt. Chobani (the Greek yogurt company) is hiring and promoting refugees. Awesome!
Before becoming the founder of America’s best-selling strained yogurt brand, Kurdish American entrepreneur Hamdi Ulukaya left Turkey for New York. In 2005, he bought a factory with the goal of selling quality, natural, affordable yogurt. Just a year later, he began filling his Chobani factories with refugees and has now pledged $700 million in aid to Kurdish asylum seekers.

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, friends!

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Thank you for including the spreadsheet of scripts and phone numbers “We’re his problem now.” This looks like a great tool. I am interested in keeping up-to-date with issues and calls however I hesitated to sign up for the email simply because there is no identification of the source. Please tell us more about the source of this info… again, thanks.


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