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What’d you get up to this week, guys? A friend hosted a wine-tasting party on Friday (so fun!) and yesterday I fiiiiinally took a self-defense class – something I’ve been meaning to do forever!

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Sometimes paring down your life and living more simply doesn’t feel that simple. The Simple Year course looks really interesting!

Sarah has loads of great DIYs: DIY natural deodorant, DIY honeyed mead, even DIY laundry detergent!

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I was on the Being Boss podcast this week talking about money, happiness, and why we put off joy. This topic is particularly apropos to this time of year when most of us are spending more money than usual and expecting ourselves to be happier than usual. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Burger coasters = adorable.

Every year around November I put a moratorium on depressing/emotionally devastating novels and switch to sweet YA and more, uh, uplifting stuff. If you loved A Little Princess you’ll looooove Wishing For Tomorrow. It’s the sequel and  incredibly sweet, moving, and quite feminist. So highly recommended!

I’m all about usable, consumable, non-thing gifts, so I loved this round up of edible gifts you can make yourself.

Related: 25 DIY gifts that people will really, truly like (not a noodle necklace among ’em)

Helpful this season? 6 tips to help stop mindless shopping.

A great/funny/depressing essay about feminism from Caitlin Moran.
In a mixed-gender group, when women talk 25 per cent of the time or less, it’s seen as being “equally balanced”. And if women talk 25–50 per cent of the time, they’re seen as “dominating the conversation”. 

And we remembered all the times on social media, or in conversations, an angry man has said, “Women are WINNING now. Women are EVERYWHERE. It is MEN who are being silenced”, and it all made sense.

The perfect cold weather sandwich: Apple Sage Grilled Cheese.

Related: The New York Times’ top 20 recipes of 2016. Wouldn’t it be fun to cook your way through these in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s?

2016 has been The Actual Worst. I appreciated this essay
Lemonade.” That was grace. The “San Junipero” episode of “Black Mirror.” That was grace.  The Cubs. At least we had the grace of the Cubs. And Simone Biles. And “Hamilton” winning the Pulitzer and a mess of Tonys. And “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

Tis the season for watching movies as a family! If you want to watch something good that doesn’t have lots of awkward scenes, here’s a round up 30 great movies you can watch with your parents.

Beautiful photos of women who work in jobs that are traditionally held by men.

I think it’s really important to read/watch/listen outside of your comfort zone. In fact, reading a book that’s not for you is one way to bridge the political divide.
Reading a book, Lucas says, is a “protracted engagement” with people who are different from you personally, culturally and — perhaps most important at this moment — politically. “We all need to be reading across the lines we’ve drawn in our lives,” she says.

This is what it looks like if you steal natural gas in rural China.

Yuuuuup! I’m all about faking fancy: 5 fail-proof ways to make your home look more expensive.

Related: How to make cheap clothes look good (or at least not cheap)

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!



Just in case you didn’t know (they’re a UK paper after all) the Daily Mail – the link with the unlikely health tips – is a really bigoted, hate-filled newspaper who have written awful, awful things about refugees, LGBT+ people and basically any other minority group you can think of… I love your blog and all your other links, so I felt I needed to point this out as it doesn’t seem in keeping with your style!


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