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Ohhhh, it feels good to be back, friends! I had all sorts of high minded, impressive ideas about how I was going to spend my three weeks off and you know what I did instead?

I made lefse with my mom. I poked around in the woods and fell down a lot. I went to lots of parties and hosted a few. I finally hung that mirror in the living room. I accomplished nothing AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. I hope your holidays were glorious, too.

Links for you!

Have you heard about Give Back Box yet? It helps you reuse all those boxes you when you buy things online AND donate gently used home goods and clothes to organizations that need them!

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan formally announced that Republicans will strip federal funding for Planned Parenthood in a budget bill that will also repeal the Affordable Care Act. If this makes you nervous, you should know
1. Plan B has a shelf life of 4 years
2. You can buy it on Amazon Prime

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If you don’t have a 2017 calendar yet, you should get Felines & Fellas. It’s $15 of cute dudes + cute cats and all the profits benefit a Minneapolis pet rescue!

Have you ever wished your daily planner had spots for meal planning, your grocery list, and fitness goals? This is for you!

So damn funny: The best Thanksgiving drink that doesn’t have any alcohol in it
Strangers and people I wish were strangers love to rag on me for knocking back soda with every bite of food I consume. “There’s no point in eating a nice meal if you’re just going to wash it down with all those chemicals,” they say. “You have the palate of a child.”

To which I say: 1) Children are our most precious resource. 2) Everything is made of chemicals. 3) 13.8 billion years ago, we were all just one densely packed singularity of mass and spacetime and no one worried about what anything was made of because everything was the same and every single moment was simultaneously Thanksgiving and not-Thanksgiving. 4) I love sodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Also hilarious: The vast Bay Leaf conspiracy.

10 babies who look like celebrities. It’s uncanny, guys.

True Story: I’m A Christian Sex Coach was one of my most popular interviews last year and now Morgan has launched an awesome sexual wellbeing coaching program. Just $19 a month!

I’m reading this right now and it’s perfect for before bed and/or with your morning coffee.

A tiny apartment, beautifully decorated. (I cannot wait for the day we can move back into an 800-square foot apartment.)

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In this interview, Tine Fey recommends this book for navigating 2017. I’ve added my name to the library queue. Have you read it?

Let’s get over our cellulite already. Whoooo carrrrres.

10 low-input, high-yield ways to simplify your life. Low-input, high-yield anything is my favorite!

A lovely, insightful interview with everyone’s favorite woodworker/actor Nick Offerman
Mistakes are not only okay to make, they are required for improvement. Forging ahead into uncharted territory can be much less painful once one embraces the fallibility inherent in being human. If you preemptively plan to make mistakes, and set aside scrap wood for that express purpose, then your learning is hard-earned and substantial.

This is the cheater method I use to hang gallery walls!

These make me want to make art.

How to get better at sex (it’s both easier and harder than you’d think.)

Also! If you appreciate my taste in links, you might appreciate me over on Pinterest! I’ve got 1,800+ pins over there and boards like Self-Development, Travel Tips, and Happiness. Pop over and have a browse around!

Hope you had a great week, guys!


Bianca B.

I love tiny apartments too! Jaclyn’s looks amazing, plus I adore the fact that almost everything in her house is either handmade or found in thrift shops.

(P.S. Talking about making art – there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on making watercolor bookmarks that would be great for hanging on a wall too! I am a beginner and they are quite easy for novices, you might want to check them out:) )

Sarah Von Bargen

Oh, fun! I just took my first watercolor class and I’m definitely interested in doing more!


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