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It’s been A Week, hasn’t it? I’ve been so distraught by our government, Kenny’s been forcing me to think of one positive geopolitical thing every day.

So far my answers have been “Cory Booker,” “Al Franken,” and “The fact that Obama was a two-term president.” “…(silent screaming followed by whispered expletives) …”

So now I’m self-medicating by visiting my parents and seeing my BFF of 20+ years.  She’s home for a week and it’s a pretty rare that we’re both in Aitkin at the same time. We’re celebrating by doing all our favorite things: eating at the diner, sitting in her mom’s hot tub, shopping at the local thrift store.

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If you resolved to shop more ethically in 2017, MadeFAIR is for you. It’s beauuuutifully curated and right now everything is 30% (!!!) I particularly love this top, this necklace, and this tote.

And if you (like most people) resolved to be healthier this year, you need to know Valerie. She can help us undo the damage of an over-indulgent holiday season. She can  also help us treat ourselves and de-stress (without eating a giant bowl of carbs)!

Two things that will dramatically improve your winter: these and these. (Take it from a Minnesotan: I know.)

Are you taking part in any of the women’s marches around the country? I’ll be at the St. Paul march! Here are some super helpful tips about what to pack and what to wear when you’re going to a march or protest.

Ooooh! Spooky! The strange case of the reincarnated Egyptian!
After her near-death experience, Dorothy pleaded that she be allowed to return home, describing her life in a large building with columns. She began to speak with a strange accent, and had an inexplicable knowledge of an ancient religion. Her parents no doubt dismissed all this as a child’s fantasies…until they took Dorothy to the British Museum a year later.

Sequin embellished denim = into it.

Cute comics.

Which women will we be told to hate this year?
Society’s oldest and most beloved hobby is appointing remarkable women as high priestesses of their own temples, waiting for them to fck up and then burning those temples to the ground. The Mayans dug the hearts out of their virgins, the puritans hung their healing women as witches and, now, we wait for Jennifer Lawrence to say something stupid. 

Sweet and good and needed: Read This If You Feel Like Time Is Running Out For You.

Related: Life has big plans for you.

For those of us who tend to put our wellbeing in the hands of Internet People, writers, or bloggers: I don’t know what’s best for you.

Yogurt mousse! Why didn’t we think of this before?! Also: mustardy brussels slaw. Doesn’t that sound both refreshing and winter-y?

Ooooh, I loved this before and after tour of a lovely, colorful Victorian!

My inner 15-year-old really wants to DIY these glitter resin pins.

What would happen if we actually listened to our cravings?

Celebrity news I’m weirdly into: Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst are apparently engaged! (We’re just watching Friday Night Lights for the first time and are obsessed.)

Ha! If those lists of impressive 20-somethings make you feel bad, you’ll love A Selection Of The 30 Most Disappointing Under 30.
Joanna Feldman, twenty-two
Misquoted E. E. Cummings in her rib-cage tattoo.

Rebecca Meyer, twenty-nine
Since earning her M.F.A. in fiction from Columbia, Meyer has been at work writing her début novel in her sprawling Chinatown loft, which was paid for in full by her parents. She has written sixteen pages, and they’re not very good.



I spent last winter up north in Minnesota/South Dakota & where were those traction cleats!? I definitely could have used a pair! This Kentucky girl wasn’t sure how to handle all the snow and cold! 🙂


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