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How are you doing, friends? I’ve spent most of the week refreshing the news, eating my feelings, going to protests, and leaving messages on my senators’ voice mail yelping “NBD, Al, the future of democracy hangs in the balance!!”

So. There’s that. How are you guys holding up? What are you doing to resist this terror? The Daily Action texts are a good place to start.

Anyway. Links for you.

The ‘We’re his problem now’ spreadsheet is a website now! Weekly calling scripts and prompts to make our voices heard with the new administration.

Somewhat related: Nice Girls vs. Kind Women.
One does not declare oneself to be nice. Nice is a title that is bestowed upon you by those you have pleased, a reward for agreeability. Your skill at fulfilling this role is wholly judged, decided and anointed by others. As nice girls, we don’t have the power to decide whether or not we are good; this lies directly in the hands of those who judge us to be nice.

Also related: All my failures can be traced to my silence

I’m heading to Europe for a month this spring and this tempts me to add Latvia to my list.

If you’ve ever wondered what a shar pei/basset hound mix looks like, now you know.

Yup. Sometimes boring, un-techy, un-complicated solutions are the best.

When white people are silent, whether it’s our intention or not, that silence speaks volumes. It says “My comfort is more important than your safety” and “It’s more important for me to keep all my Instagram followers than take a stand” and “Involvement is an inconvenience.” Do we want to be That Onlooker?

A wikipedia hole for you: desire paths. 

A reminder: Happiness requires struggle.

Related: Why we resist happiness + what to do about it.

Related related: novelty and challenge bring happiness. Science says so!

I’m The Heaviest I’ve Ever Been And I Just Bought My First Crop Top.
After shopping, I went to my friend Stevi’s apartment before heading out for dinner. Stevi is a photographer, designer, and artist with an impeccable style I’ve always respected. I wanted to change into one of my new crop-tops, and I couldn’t wait. When I stepped out of the room, all dressed, I felt free and exhilarated. Then I noticed her looking at me. She walked toward me and pulled my skirt down another inch revealing even more of my midsection. “There,” she said. “Much better.”

Related: a crop top I would absolutely wear.

If you know someone who’s struggling and you’re not sure what to say, remember: No one expects you to be Oprah.

Hope you had a good weekend, friends!

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