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How was your week, friends? I took my first of six ‘Intro To Ballet’ classes, attended an amazing themed birthday party, and sent thank you notes to the political heroes of this week.

P.S. The doors for Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is close at 10 pm CST tomorrow night! Here’s what Alanna says:
“I don’t know if you realize the magnitude of what this course does, Sarah. It literally retrained 36 years of thinking. I’ve taken every financial and budgeting course imaginable, but none of those courses get to the root of the issue like this course. It has more than paid for itself!” BLUSHHHHH

Links for you, dear reader

Companies, take note. We know who you’re doing business with and will shop accordingly. Nordstrom stock goes up 7% after they pull Ivanka’s clothes and Trump goes after them.

Related: cute sunglasses, a pretty bralette, and a $31 vegan leather tote and wristlet – all from Nordstrom.

Also related: how to use your dollars to shape the world.

Doesn’t this mushroom ramen look good? Perfect for a winter night!

Aren’t these bowls mesmerizing?

6 helpful travel apps (I’d never heard of two of these!)

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Sooooo, lately I’m weirdly concerned about food waste? Like, did you know that in the USA, organic waste is the second highest component of landfills, which are the largest source of methane emissions? And 30-40% of America’s food supply is wasted?

Three things we can do about it:
1. Sign up for our city’s municipal compost (Minneapolis’s system is great!)
2. Get a counter top compost bin (this one’s $20, pretty, and has almost 5,000 five-star reviews!)
3. Try some of these 15 recipes to reduce food waste

We all have stories we think we ‘can’t’ tell.
You don’t have to say, “One time, my idiot asshole ex-boyfriend Kevin once said to me…”
You can say, “One time, a man that I loved said to me…”
You can omit people’s names. You can omit specific dates. You can omit identifying details, like cities and business names.
You can keep the story focused on yourself by using phrases like “I felt…” “I reacted by…” rather than focusing on other people’s actions: “She fcked up…” “He ruined it…”
You can write from a compassionate, reflective place. You can forgive people — and you can express that forgiveness in your story: “I know my mom did the best that she could…” “He thought he was doing the right thing…” “He was in a great deal of pain, which explains his unthinkable actions…”

The ‘system’ I’ve set up to stay politically active and sane.

Ooooobviously our collective boyfriend Mike D has a lovely home.

Your daily weep: newly adopted dog can’t stop hugging owner.

Just ordered this cookbook:
An innovative narrative cookbook, Between Meals shares the expertise, recipes and stories of newly-arrived refugee women in the Bay Area. This book documents traditional recipes from around the world–from Burma to Liberia to Afghanistan–from Refugee Transitions’ participants, written down with the help of their Refugee Transitions tutors. Between Meals tells the stories of students’ exile from their home countries, their journeys to the United States, and their efforts–literally and metaphorically–to nourish their families in their new California homes.

Hope you guys had a good week!



My city doesn’t have a municipal compost program (except for fall leaves and Christmas trees). A smart entrepreneur has created a home pickup service for compostable materials . At $25 per month, it’s a great investment in the environment!


Sarah, you’ve inspired me to look into composting a couple of times, but I’m always scared away by countertop bin reviews that mention fruit flies. It sounds like flies are a huge and common problem with composting. Do you struggle with fruit flies in your home? Thanks!

Sarah Von Bargen

I don’t! I use a little foot pedal garbage can under my sink and we line it with compostable plastic-like bags. It’s totally normal, doesn’t smell, and is exactly the same amount of work as a garbage can!


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