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What’d you get up to this week, friends? I enjoyed cake with some of my High Powered Lady Friends, attended a Bad Movie Night party, and right now Kenny and I are engaged in one of our most beloved hobbies: spending a weekend poking around little towns and eating at super clubs!

Awesome stuff from some of my sponsors:

Mara’s writing is kind and sooo needed. In particular, I love There Is Nothing Wrong With You and Creation Without Burnout.
“The truth is, I could have saved myself five hours of strife if I had allowed myself one hour of uninhibited rest when I ached for it earlier instead of stealing restful moments in between forced productivity.” 

Miriam is that incredibly well-dressed and poised friend we all have – but on the internet. Good thing she’s willing to share her secret on sticking with good habits and all her time management tricks.

I’m so proud to be a part of this: How To Be On The Right Side Of History (Even If You’re Incredibly Busy)

I appreciated Gala’s candor about the weirdness that happens when you decide to change what you blog about and how that affects the way you navigate the internet.
But the challenge was this: I didn’t know who I would “be” if I stepped away from fashion blogging. Isn’t it funny how we are desperate to belong to a group, even when we know we’re not welcome in it? I had never fit in with those girls. We didn’t send late-night texts or go shopping together. Even back in the beginning when fashion blogging was all outsiders, I was still an outsider!

Beautiful, imaginary insects and model-y neon art.

Sorgum beet risotto. Into it.

Whooooa. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout is no joke.

Your wedding day won’t be the best day of your life.

Related: Did you know there are 7 types of loneliness?

How to become an adult.
Keep wondering when “being an adult” will happen, when you will reach that level of humble assuredness that your parents must have had when they had you, that uniquely-adult optimism that allows us to put roots in this world and know that we are good enough to grow from them. Feel like you are missing some fundamental gene as the months and years tick by, and you often feel like no less of a kid. Walk into office meetings and dates and important events and feel like you’re in a bar with a fake i.d., a kid who’s going to be discovered and unceremoniously kicked out.

What’s the difference between naive vulnerability and awake vulnerability?

8 types of plastic we can all quit right now. (An excellent excuse to buy this!)

This is one of my all-time favorite books, so I obviously loved this article: 9 Americans tell the story of what they do.

Depressing, sweet, or both?

If there are kids in your life, tuck one of these awesome books into their Easter baskets.

And related to nothing: I started using this $8 eyebrow pencil and I love it!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, friends!



Hi! The how to adult and the plastic articles are great! Thanks for sharing! Any recommendations on reusable water bottles?


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