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How was your week, guys? I popped into the Healers podcast (episode forthcoming!), hosted my mom for a night on her way down to Florida, and as you read this I’m in Kansas City on a week-long road trip to visit a friend and cross a few things off my New Things List.

On my way back to Minnesota, I’m spending the night in Maharishi Vedic City, IOWA (!!!) a planned community based on “a system of building called Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design architecture. This ancient Indian system of architecture and city planning is said to promote happiness, peace and prosperity for its occupants.” You can follow along on Instagram to see how that goes 😉

Awesome things from a few of my sponsors

Christy Tending‘s work is always great, particularly during our current political climate. I particularly love Joy Is An Act of Insurrection and Lovingkindness: an antidote in times of hate.

I could just link to Xandra’s blog and say READ IT ALLLLLL, but I particularly love How to write an ‘at the very least’ list and The top 5 minimalist things I do.

If St. Patrick’s Day got you all excited about planning a trip to Ireland: a travel guide.

And if you’re more inclined to travel via food + books: an Irish book + an Irish breakfast recipe.

Spiced cauliflower steaks with walnut sauce? I’m intrigued!

Earlier this week I was over on Coffeeshop Book Chats, talking with Caroline about comfort books (like comfort food) and reading as self-care.

Gosh but I love honest blog posts. My Life Burnt to the Ground So I’m Building a New One!
One of the upsides of experiencing a life trauma is that it kind of makes you feel like “Fck it, what do I have to lose? I may as well do what I want.” When you experience loss (of a loved one, a friend, a job, etc) it makes you remember how temporary life is and how you have power and agency to push your life in the direction you want it to go. That has been the blessing of my current state.

It’s a moment where I’ve looked around and thought to myself, “I’ve spent all my life building a personality and a reputation and now I’m going to use that to do what I want to do.” (Which is to run my own design business, make art, have my own product line, fall in love, buy a house and squeeze the fck out of my boyfriend-husband until his eyes pop out of his handsome-but-not-intimidatingly-so-face).

Also very honest: Lindsay’s reflections on what happens when life doesn’t turn out how you’d hoped.
Sitting around and wishing away the days until we can try to have a baby again is so ridiculous, but here’s the thing: it actually sounds halfway-okay to me. That’s how sick my heart is. I am hardly embarrassed to admit that I would rather sit around and eat Sriracha chips and Magic Green Sauce as I check days off the calendar than live a full life right now.

But I am realizing that Brave isn’t always flashy – sometimes Brave looks like acknowledging that I still have a life, whether or not it is the life I wanted. Brave looks like actively creating meaning in my days, even when I’d like all those days to be done and gone and onto the next thing.

I loved this. 50 everyday acts of rebellion.

Related: Lessons From a Man Who Actually Did Something About His Community’s Carbon Footprint

March is self-harm awareness month. This interview is a must-read for anyone who loves someone who self-harms.

Said it. Meant it.

Do you and your partner have A Thing? A shared hobby or interest you pursue together – just the two of you? Kenny and I love supper clubs. We visit a new one every 2-3 months and chronicle our adventures in this the pages of this book like huge dorks. Part of The Supper Club Experience is drinking an Old Fashioned, so I’m obviously all over these Old Fashioned-flavored sugar cubes.

Weeeep! Seal finds toy version of itself and can’t stop hugging it!

If we’re friends on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me using the One Second Every Day App. I LOVE IT. It’s amazing how those tiny, daily memories add up to a life. I loved Rebecca’s tips on capturing every day life on camera.

Wow. What romance in prison really looks like, an essay by Amanda Knox.

Hope you guys had a lovely week!

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    Ho-ly ****, I just linked through to The Right Side of History, and it sounds soooo much better than I even thought it would be. Off to start listening now!

  2. Ricarda

    The “At the very least list” is such an amazing idea for days when things just don’t happen (we all have these). I literally sat down and wrote one immediately. Thanks!

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