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How was your week, guys? I spent Monday and Tuesday roadtripping my way back from Kansas City, with stops at the American Gothic house, Maharishi Vedic City, and The World’s Smallest Church. So fun!

Links for you!

Ha! Clever clever.

Great travel tips from Courtney (I love her tip about challenging yourself to only pack for half of your trip!)

I’m pretty good about buying beauty products that weren’t tested on animals (I swear by this eyeshadow) but I’d like to be better about buying chemical-free makeup. Apparently the Honest Company now offers a ‘beauty bundle‘ that brings the price down to about $17 per product – which is quite cheap for green makeup!

Which produce is in season now + how to eat and cook it.

Beautiful photos of vendors in Hanoi.

More printable resistance postcards. I’ve been sending postcards to all of Paul Ryan’s offices in Wisconsin and let me tell you: THAT IS IS GRATIFYING.

Co-signed: You can make excuses or you can make progress.
If we applied even one-quarter of his determination to our work, we’d all create miracles. “Oh but my Internet connection is really slow.” “So-and-so hasn’t gotten back to me yet.” “My assistant is on vacation.” “My boss won’t let me.”

When those voices arise, when you feel like stalling, when the work feels too hard and overwhelming… remember that somewhere in Oregon, there’s a 12-year-old boy working his butt off at the junior high school computer lab. He’s figuring out how to move forward with his goals in spite of every obstacle.

A healthy, pretty dessert: minty chip meringues

To be filed under ‘Everyone’s Fantasy’: Restoring A Rundown Convent in Tuscany.

Real talk: Every successful relationship is successful for the exact same reasons.

I always thought I hated salads (turns out, I don’t). I thought these 8 common salad mistakes were so interesting!

The radical act of liking women.
What I Don’t Mean by Liking Women: Being sexually attracted to women. Liking women monolithically and treating them as above criticism and/or putting them on a pedestal (which is just as dehumanizing as treating them like shit). Liking them with expectations. Liking them with ulterior motives.

What I Do Mean by Liking Women: Regarding women generally with good faith, and not as a collection of grim stereotypes. Treating women as individuals. Respecting diversity in expressions of womanhood. Never obliging a woman to speak for all women, or treating her as an exception to her gender. Building friendships with women.

And primarily: Thinking of women as likable.

If you’re going to have to pay in on taxes this year: How to buy happiness for $5 or less!

Hope you had a great week, friends!

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