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How was your week, guys? I did my monthly DIY writing retreat at an amaaaaazing goat and alpaca farm/Airbnb in rural Wisconsin. I also coffee-d and dinnered with friends I hadn’t seen in ages, hosted Passover for 15, and then Easter brunched. As my friend Kathleen says “Wildly productive + living the dream.”

Awesome things from a few sponsors:

Krista writes good, important, accessible things about love, intimacy, and sex. 10 keys for living shamelessly and How to heal with pleasure are two of my favorite pieces.

YSTR curates beautiful capsule wardrobes – all ethically made – AND SENDS THEM TO YOUR DOORSTEP. Cheap? No. Gorgeous? Yesssss!

As a frequent traveler, I loved this post about simple ways to feel at home when you’re on the road.

Related: the three tricks I use to make cheap travel feel luxurious-ish.

Yummmm! Tempeh vegan club sandwiches (includes the trifecta of hummus + avocado + fried thing.)

I’m trying to be better about using non-toxic beauty products. Did you know you can find tons of them at … Target?

Fascinating! Appearing in Stock Photos Was the Biggest Mistake of My Life
My face wasn’t just used to sell stuff or make a point, but also to illustrate things. Like an article on “How to Mindfully Deal with Jerks,” (I’m the jerk—not the person mindfully dealing with them) one on “The Vindictive Ex: When Hate Comes Before Children,” (guess who I’m supposed to be) and one on cat-callers. I’m guessing there are millions of men’s faces available in stock photo databases, but the editors behind these articles chose mine out of the lineup, meaning I must look like the most vindictive, jerky cat-caller, of them all. This, understandably, was not great for my self-esteem.

I love reading about ‘second acts’ – people who start a whole new career or life after the age of 40. So I loved this home tour from a woman who moved across the country and became an interior designer when her son went to college!

A new-to-me artist I’m enjoying.

Best friends become first to officially, legally co-parent in Canada.

Will you always be haunted by high school? An evolutionary psychologist thinks you will.
Memory researchers have, in fact, identified something called “the reminiscence bump,” which shows that our strongest memories come from things that happened to us between the ages of 10 and 30.

AHEM. ‘Keeping Up With The Kattarshians’ Is Iceland’s New Reality TV Show About Cats

This is so lovely.

Ooof. Important. Seven signs you are clueless about income inequality
“If you live near a Whole Foods,” he said. “If no relative of yours serves in the military; If you’re paid by the year, not the hour; If no one you know uses meth; If you married once and remain married; If most people you know finished college; If you aren’t one of 65 million Americans with a criminal record. If any or all of these things describe you, then accept the possibility that, actually, you may not know what’s going on, and you may be part of the problem.”

And as Tax Day approaches
If you have to pay in: 23 ways to treat yourself that don’t involve buying anything
If you got a refund: 6 smart, fun(ish) things to do with your tax return

Hope you had a great week, guys!


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