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I CANNOT GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. Like, I wake up and there it is.

How was your week, guys? I did lots of ‘been putting it off forever’ work, got a haircut, took part in the March For Science and housewarmed a friend’s home. Lovely!

Awesome stuff from a few of my sponsors

Did you know you can have your tarot cards read over the internet? WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE. Danai has great readings on Instagram and Facebook for the woo-woo among us.

If you’re a lady who travels, you’ll love Tracy’s stuff: Her book (60 Ways To Die In South America), her advice on making friends while traveling alone, and her envy-inducing story about riding horses in Mongolia.

Interesting! Which race of emoji do you use? I always use yellow because … well, it never occurred to me to use any other color! Apparently white people almost never use the white emoji.

Real, actual #relationshipgoals.

I was on the Reset & Renew podcast this week talking about money mistakes + the story I was telling myself about why I didn’t ever need to workout.

In your mid-30s, everyone you know is getting married, having babies, or getting divorced. One writer shares seven things she wishes she’d known before her divorce.
Regardless of how your separation goes down, it’s a waste to expand energy on your ex. This will feel deeply frustrating. You will want to argue over details, assign blame, and defend your actions … but here’s the cold hard truth: it really doesn’t matter any more.

Related: Surprising marriage advice … from divorced people.

This is fascinating, enlightening, depressing. A self-described “Silicon Valley liberal” traveled around America and interviewed 100 people who voted for Trump. Here’s what he found out.
“He’s crazy, but it’s a tactic to get other nations not to mess with us.”
“I worry he will drive us apart as a nation. I believed him when he said that would stop with the campaign, but I haven’t seen signs of it so far.”
“I am nervous that his mental health is actually bad.”
“I worry he is actually going to roll back social change we’ve fought so hard for. But I hope not.”

I don’t spend much time thinking about swimsuits, but let’s be honest: these are all really cute.

Also: if you’re concerned about sun exposure (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE) here are 13 swimsuits with sleeves. And they’re actually really cute!

And a pin for those of us who really serious about sunscreen.

I’m pretty fussy about home decor. Like, I fluff my pillows and rearrange my throws at least once a day. So I appreciated this: 5 Decor Worries To Abandon.

Under the heading of “Why haven’t I thought of that before?!” Hummus quesadillas and Gin Fix with infused ice cubes.

I’m not gonna lie, guys. Going from Single Girl to Wife + Stepmom hasn’t always been easy or smooth. If you have kids in your life, you’ll appreciate Not A Perfect Mom, But An Enough Mom.

I am fun enough.

Sometimes I take every single thing too seriously. Like crumbs and clutter and teeth brushing. I have an out of body experience while I am lecturing them and I wonder if they will remember anything other than me being grumpy.

Other times I laugh so hard with my kids that my stomach hurts. We play games, we go on hikes, and we dance in the living room in our pajamas.

I am fun enough.

I (obviously) loved this: What it’s like to be a cheesemonger.

A gorgeous, colorful house tour.

Fun fact about me: I pick up litter. Constantly. Like, enough that it’s sort of weird and I’m considering getting one of those trash grabber things. David Sedaris loves to pick up garbage, too. So much so his county named a garbage truck after him. Hilariously, the newspaper article about it never mentions his writing career!
“David Sedaris is a familiar and very welcome sight in the lanes and by-ways of this lovely part of Horsham District,” said district councillor Diane van der Klugt, “as he tirelessly and painstakingly goes about gathering up the litter so thoughtlessly discarded.” In the accompanying picture, the honouree himself is standing alongside the truck. The caption identifies him as “David ‘Pig Pen’ Sedaris”.

Hope you guys had a great week!



I did not know you picked up litter! You should look up Green Stick Army, a non-profit in Minneapolis that distributes those stick grabber things and promotes picking up trash all over the Twin Cities. My office just partnered with the founder to do a big Earth Day trash pickup in the neighborhood. He brings them to schools and businesses too.


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