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How was your week, guys? We celebrated two family birthdays and had a double date at … wait for it … the Hy Vee Grille, a restaurant inside a grocery store. I’m up north right now, visiting my parents and enjoying things like a sky where you can see all the stars and a total lack of street noise.

Awesome links for you!

This week I was on the Hashtag Authentic podcast, talking about how to stop half-assing it and actually start trying. It’s verrrry awkward to quote yourself, but here’s a snippet:
“Anything that has ever changed your life – that person had to stop being afraid of self promotion. They had to pitch the book agent, they had to write promotional tweets, they had to work with a PR agency and talk themselves up. That’s the reality of putting yourself out there.”

Lately I’ve been trying really hard to engage in more output than input. STOP READING EVERYTHING AND START DOING STUFF, SELF. Related: Inspiration overwhelm.

An oddly obvious thing I need to be reminded of. A lot.

Adding this to my Things To Do At Some Point list: The John C. Campbell Folk School.

Helpful! 400 redundant words to avoid in your writing.

GQ tells me this secret ingredient improves every dish. I’m skeptical. Have you tried it?

This is how I structure my daily to-do list. Apparently, this is how science says we should do it.

Did you know I wrote a paper about Dolly Parton as part of my M.A.? Now the University of Tennessee is offering a class about her life!

How do you feel about wedding gifts? Should we stop giving them to people who already have everything they need? (Also, scroll down to the comments for a hilarious – and very unethical – suggestion on how to deal with this.)

A lot of very, very good advice here.
There is really only one reason for why you have achieved nothing in your life, despite all the gurus’ advice, online marketers’ lists, or Huffington Post inspirational tips:
You have the wrong definition of “nothing.”

A clever tip for saving money on takeout!

Ooof! 35 money-related questions you should be able to answer by age 35.

Both depressing and intriguing: 54 things women are doing wrong.

If you’re spring cleaning your makeup bag: mine usually only has three products in it.

Hope you guys had a lovely week!



My mom and I went to the Campbell Folk School a few years ago – it was SO FUN.


I think anchovy paste does add depth of flavor to food. However, I am allergic to anchovies (no Caesar salads for me), so I don’t think it should be randomly used without letting diners know.


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