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How was your week, friends? I spent the weekend and Monday at my parents’ house, digging through bins of paraphernalia from my high school and college days. I unearthed soooo many mix cds and had The Best Time listening to them on the drive back to Minneapolis. Late 90s Ani DiFranco A+ would recommend will be listening to repeatedly.

Awesome things from a few of my lovely sponsors

Are you a coach? Or maybe you want to become one? Hillary Rubin is hosting a free (!) 5-day, live interview series with some of the most successful coaches in the land! Even if you’re not a coach, you might love this post about getting over perfectionism.

I want to send a link to Whisked Away Travel to anyone who’d ever consider buying me a gift. They plan surprise trips for you OR for someone you love! You choose the continent/budget/time frame and they plan the trip! Funnnn!

These screen-free activities are theoretically for kids, but we could all probably benefit from them.

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Soooooo important! 5 ways to teach your kids about consent.

I love the idea of making different fruity ice cubes and then just dropping them into your summer drink of choice. Easy! Pretty!

I find these sculptures both cute and oddly calming.

If you’re feeling wanderlust-y this Spring, these streamable tv shows are for you.

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Yes. Summer is for rhubarb soft serve.  

As always, good things from Samantha Irby.
you can’t delete the neighbor whose eyesore of a car is parked on his front lawn whose cat keeps shitting on your deck, but you can delete your cousin who earnestly believes that rap music is reverse racism and vehemently comments as much on every kendrick lamar video you share. no mute button for the woman at the grocery store who won’t stop asking where the shampoo is even though you’re pushing your own cart while wearing both sunglasses and a coat, but you know who you can mute? everyone you hate on the internet!

I’m a vegetarian who eats bacon once every few months and I will absolutely be making this.

Yes! It’s so important to diversify what we read/watch/absorb. Here are 135 ways to diversify your Instagram feed.


I think this might be my go-to summer hairstyle.

A reminder we can probably all use: different does not equal broken.
I believed that the pattern of how my interests and passions have flowed throughout my life wasn’t okay, and that all this time I’ve been simply making it work despite my flaws. 

The reason I haven’t shared much about it is because for a long time, I’ve tightly held onto the narrative that a person simply isn’t supposed to do so many different things. I was afraid that this isn’t the scope of what an “intentional life” is supposed to look like.

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!



Oooh, thanks for the Ani DiFranco flashback. Isn’t it great when you can still sing every word to a song you haven’t heard in years?


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