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This is me in music video form.

How was your week, friends? I did the usual political ranting/calling/panicking/faxing and then wrote this. This weekend Kenny and I volunteered with CAIR, a friend introduced me to the exciting world of indigo dye, and today we’re entering the exciting world of grilled brunch. Grilled peaches! Grilled avocado toast! Funnnn!

Links for you!

Book recommendation: if you’re ‘comfort reading’ turning this time of turmoil, I loved this. It’s set in Canada during WWI so it’s not super light or anything, but it’s oddly comforting to read about people becoming their best selves during the war effort. 2017 is an opportunity to be on the right side of history.

True Story: a few years ago I threw myself a birthday party at our house. It went for eight hours and I eventually tried to leave MY OWN PARTY and go to bed. I loved this article about entertaining as an introvert.

Ooooh! Fascinating! Apparently scientific research has shown that motivational quotes make us feel the same as actually accomplishing something. A great article from my guy Paul.

I loved this conversation between Chelsea and Laura Jane about the reality of being a writer, second jobs, etc. Having honest conversations about money is a gift to everyone around you!

I’ve been trying to schedule more ‘nothing’ into my life. It’s hard! Here’s why we should do it.

Ooooh, I think this is my dream house. Those ceiling rafters!

I love homes filled with cleverly thrifted and re-purposed things! I fantasize about starting a second blog in which I chronicle decorating a space with things exclusively found in the Craiglist free section.

Related: How to thrift the best clothes.

A simple, weeknight dinner.

You’ve heard Carly Rae’s new song, right?

A fascinating interview with long-haul truckers.
We’re throwaway people. Nobody cares about us. Everybody’s perception of a truck driver is we clog up traffic, we get in the way, we pollute the environment.” 

I loved this article about ‘surviving and thriving’ in middle life and I thought it had some great insights, regardless of age. I particularly loved the tip about ‘adding punctuation’ to this time in our lives.

Related: Life Re-imagined: The Science, Art, And Opportunity of Mid-Life.

I’m a pretty good cook and I love honing and improving my skills. I loved these lessons from food experts.

I’m experimenting with non-aerosol dry shampoo. Will report back!

Yesssss! Wisconsin Cheese Camp!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Rebekah Jaunty

“I fantasize about starting a second blog in which I chronicle decorating a space with things exclusively found in the Craiglist free section.”

Make it so, number one! I’ve read your apartment and closet tours…. what, six times apiece?

Dry shampoos can be great. Hope yours turns out well. I use the ol’ classic: cornstarch mixed with cocoa powder, or cornstarch spritzed with a little perfume.


I’m desperate to know more about this eight hour birthday party! I feel like I’m trying to leave my own parties to go to bed after like 2 hours so this story sounds chilling


I love Rilla of Ingleside! It is actually set during the WWI though 🙂

Sarah Von Bargen

Eeeep! You’re totally right! I don’t know why I typed WWII!


If you like the non-aerosol, try Lush’s! It’s confusing to apply at first but I really like it. It’s called No Drought.


I love dry shampoo powder WAY more than the aerosol kind. I got the One Love Organics Healthy Locks dry shampoo in a Petite Vour beauty box subscription once and it changed my life. Ever since I only use the powder kind.


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