9 Articles That Are Good For Your Blog, Brand, and Business

Blogging links! A new way to write copy, why you need to track your time, how to build a coaching business, and much more. Click through to read 'em all!

How has this month treated your business, friends? I wrapped up the launch of my latest ecourse Make It Stick Habit School and it was both my easiest launch and my most successful. Wonderful! I did a bunch of things differently this time around. I’ll tell you about them in future blog posts!

Blogging links for you!

Earlier this year I started a Facebook group on a whim and it’s been growing by leaps and bounds … which means we’re attracting lots of spammers. But now you can require people who want to join your group to answer questions before you let them in!

Interesting! Have you ever heard of structuring your copy around ‘Jobs To Be Done’? Apparently, it works better than those Ideal Clients we’ve been imaging forever!
When ________(event that triggers the struggle), 
help me ______ (struggle/job) 
so I can ______ (better life/done)

Excellent advice from people who charge a lot!

When Jessica’s son was diagnosed with a serious health problem, she had to re-evaluate how she ran her business: How To Roll With The Punches Like A Boss.

Genius! How to automate ALL the things so you can freaking live.

9 changes I made when I finally “got serious” about my blog.

How to build a six-figure coaching business in five easy steps!
Step Four: Feel All The Feelings as website goes live and four people subscribe to your newsletter, then one unsubscribes. After 19 days of no comments or clients, radically reduce big dreams. Spend three hours crafting killer blog post. Publish. *crickets* Spend entire day continuously refreshing all social media pages while eating body weight in chocolate.  Go to day job and feel life force drift away. Decide to get shit together. Watch 76 hours of Esther Hicks YouTube videos. Decide to raise vibration.

Why we should all stop asking “Can I pick your brain?”

Yessss! Time tracking: know what you’re doing!

If you’ve read or written anything particularly business or blog-benefiting, leave links in the comments!

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Sarah Von Bargen

Aren’t they so helpful!? I love spreading the word of good content!

Chloe // One Infinite Life

Such awesome reads, thank you! I particularly loved ‘How to build a six-figure coaching business in five easy steps!’ it so wasn’t what I was expecting and I loved it (and laughed out loud!). The best business type article I read recently was by Claire who shared 30 behind-the-scenes insights into how she runs her online business, I found it really interesting and it reminded me that I can do business in a way that feels good to me: http://thisislifeblood.com/insights-online-business/

Chris Preston

To increase the brand awareness among people, we need to improve our marketing structure. In most of the cases, we have found that business organizations are taking the help of different social media platforms, different marketing strategy both online and offline and many others. Online reputation will bring a lot more towards our business organization, it ultimately increases the online reputation and brand awareness among the people. Thanks for such a wonderful post.


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