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How was your week, guys? I’m launching a new course tomorrow (!!!) so I’ve been spending last week prepping and getting webinars ready.

A few things from my lovely sponsors!

Claire speaks. my. language. How to find joy in movement + 3 fancy foods that are surprisingly easy to make.

Sebene is giving us reminders we all need: No is a complete sentence: On inner No-ing + The art of dropping things.

As is my wont, once I find a new author I like, I systematically read everything they’ve ever written. So I’m reading this now and it’s the perfect Summer read: smart, well-written, page turning.

Hmmm. We all thought we loved StoryCorps, right? Did you know they’re union-busting? Ish.

Yesss! This is part of why I do my New Things Project! It’s great to suck at something.
But it’s not the momentary high that has sustained me. In the process of trying to attain a few moments of bliss, I experience something else: patience and humility, definitely, but also freedom. Freedom to pursue the futile. And the freedom to suck without caring is revelatory.

If trying to reduce stress in your life isn’t working – try adding more joy.

If there’s someone in your life who doesn’t understand rape culture or consent, you can forward them these comics.

Fascinating, doable, and important. We can help redistribute wealth simply by shopping in different neighborhoods.
By getting people to change just five of 100 trips, the researchers saw the neighborhoods in their experiments become more economically balanced. As they concluded in the paper “The addition of small changes in the shopping destinations of individuals can dramatically impact the spatial distribution of money flows in the city, and the frequency of encounters between residents of different neighborhoods, even if the total number of changes remains small.”

Boundaries FTW! My friend Anna walks us through how to deal with awkward questions.

We have all been there and I love Captain Awkward’s response to this letter “How do I have the ‘is this a real relationship?’ talk with someone without messing up the relationship?”
If you say “I really like you and I want to date only you, are you on the same page?” and the other person bolts, it’s not because you said it wrong or because you spoke up. “Screwing up” the delivery of those feelings or not using the exact right secret formula of magic words cannot undo a romance that actually exists. A dude who is enthusiastically dating and sexing you who can be “startled away” by an expression of affection or hope for the future from you is not the right dude for you.

Daaaaang, this is good. If you’re holding onto belongings, projects, habits, or relationships that no long serve you, try to view them as a gift from your past self. Would you keep them? You’re not obligated to!

Perfect for the summer! Frozen mint lemonade.

Related: I will never stop telling people about the Nutribullet blender. It’s $80! DO NOT GET A VITAMIX, DUDE.

Fascinating and important: a doctor’s view of Obamacare and Trumpcare from rural Georgia.

I don’t consider myself intimidating AT ALL (how intimidating can you be with blond hair and a button nose?) but I loved this essay about why we should stop caring if we ‘intimidate’ men.

Hope you had a great weekend, guys!

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