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Fun fact: on my first date with my now-husband I spent a good 20 minutes talking about Ke$ha’s songwriting chops, her backstory, and her alleged near-genius IQ. Her latest video does not disappoint.

Fun links for you!

I would just like to say: My Money & Happy Facebook group has turned out to be a bright spot in every blessed day. I’m AMAZED at how smart and kind and supportive everybody is!

Just this week, we:
* gave each other tips + pep talks for negotiating higher salaries
* shared our favorite happy-making, day-ending drink recipes
* cheered each other for meeting saving goals

Do you live in a state with a GOP senator? Could you do me a solid and spend literally one minute calling them today and leaving a voice mail telling them to vote no on the upcoming health bill? This version of the bill still wants to cut $700 million from Medicaid. As you probably know, Medicaid helps children, pregnant women, parents of eligible children, people with disabilities and elderly needing nursing home care. It’s super important! So call your GOP-ers, plz. Here’s how to find their number!

I am OBSESSED with my neighborhood library and go there at least three times a week. If you’re a library lover too, here are 6 ways to support them.

Related: I’m reading this at the moment and loving it!

Coffee butter? Intriguing.

Your new favorite Instagram account: Sarper Duman, a musician in Istanbul who plays music for his rescue cats every day!

People share the words they mispronounce because they’ve only ever read them. For me this is chignon and valise. What about you?

Easy(ish) ways to create healthy eating habits!

Ugggggh. Sadly, I’ve seen this more times than I care to count IRL.
“My ex-boyfriend claimed he was a liberal (Bernie Bro) but would reference BLM as ‘THOSE black lives matter people…He’d say things like, ‘Not to sound racist but…’ ‘Men get raped too, but you don’t see them doing the shitty things girls do,’ ‘Did you know girls lie about getting raped?’”

Such a good reminder: let’s stop pretending perfection is possible.

Ooof. This is true and heartbreaking: The Circles Of American Financial Hell.
As people move up the income ladder, they escape material shortages and consume more. They have “things”—goods, houses, and, most importantly, education—to show for their higher earnings, but they do not have healthy finances. Having those “things” is of course an improvement over not having them, but only for the very, very rich (or the very, very unusual) is there any real escape from the pressure-cooker of American household finances.

Related: have you taken my free 5-day More Money, More Happy Bootcamp?

Your daily weep: Dance Or Die: Meet the ballet dancer who escaped from Syria.

Hope you guys had a lovely week!



I’ll never forget the first time I realized that Yosemite was not the same as “yo-se-mite”. I always say “That’s what I get for being a reader!” 😉

Sarah Von Bargen

Ha! Yes! I thought chaos was “Chay-ohs” till I was 12 or 13!


Yes! I was (and kinda still am) convinced it’s pronounced ‘al-beet’ until I was reading something aloud to my boyfriend and he said ‘you mean ‘all-be-it’.
I still don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you just say ‘all be it’, since those are actual words!


My cousin-in-law got to his late 20s thinking that misled was pronounced “my-zuld” and was a word meaning basically to confuse someone intentionally or maliciously…otherwise known as to mislead.


I have sooooo many examples of words I don’t know how to pronounce because I’ve only read them. I second ‘albeit’ (still not clear on that one?) and ‘misled’ and also had a very embarrassing example of trying to say ‘belabor’ out loud!


Also: I think ‘my-zuld’ actually sounds better! Kinda like ‘miser’, it makes it sound mean 🙂


I’m so glad someone else is as amazed by Kesha’s new song as I am! I’ve been telling everyone I know “You think you know Kesha? You don’t. LISTEN!” and then I force them to listen to it. 😀
So far, everyone is stunned at how great it is. It makes me so happy for her after what she’s been though!


If you go to merriam-webster.com, you can hear the pronunciation of words you’re not sure of. That’s the only way I learned to say “sommelier” properly!


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