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What’d you get up to this week, friends? I lunched with friends, Facebook Lived about how to befriend bloggers, and finally tried St. Paul’s new plant-based restaurant J. Selby’s. SO GOOD. This weekend has been devoted to my friend’s annual .10k party and watching breakdancers!

Fun links! For you!

A great reminder about lives that look good in Instagram.

Have you seen Mattel’s new line of Ken dolls? They look like, uh, jerks.

Have we already discussed the fact that this is the best money I’ve spent this summer/year?

(Though, for $7, these are a close second.)

An important read: How to talk to your white best friend about racism.
For starters, there were the basic economics. Sarah’s parents procured internships for her at prestigious museums, took her skiing in the Alps, and spoiled me like I was their second daughter. My parents, meanwhile, hadn’t been to a museum in years, and their idea of leisure as immigrant restaurant owners was sleeping more than six hours a night.

As federal funding for, well, everything hangs by a thread – did you know you can volunteer in America’s National Parks? Cool!

Also related to what’s currently happening in our country: A nurse explains how to negotiate medial bills.

If there are kids in your life, here’s a great roundup of which chores they can be doing at which ages. (Stepsons, I hope you’re ready to start doing more.)

My friends Tara is one of the only people whose book recommendations I take seriously. She’s always reading something super interesting I’ve never hear about! Here are three memoirs she recently loved!

An idea whose time has come: strawberry raspberry rose slushies.

A documentary about what it’s like to flee Syria and re-build life in America.

Great advice from my girl Sas:
If you are feeling some positive vibes fatigue, if you’ve reached peak inspirational quote, if your self-help book purchases have single-handedly funded at least one carpark at Amazon – this might help.

This is an invitation to notice your relationship with what ‘yes’ feels like for you.

I believe the first step to making a change in our lives, comes from knowing what we want to say yes to.

Hope you had a great weekend, guys!


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