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Evelyn From The Internets is one of my Very Actual Favorites and if she had a tv show I’d watch it. 

How was your week, friends? I brunch with my MIL, fiiiiinally crossed paddleboarding off my New Things List, and hosted Article Club. Our theme was ‘cultural constructs’ because we are dorks.

Links for you!

This week I was on the Photo Biz Exposed podcast, talking about money and business and how to navigate both ethically and effectively. Take a listen!

I’m #331 on the library waiting list for this book so you KNOW it’s gotta be good.

I know this is really just mood lipstick for 2017 but I still want it! (If you’ve tried it – what’d you think?)

DIY Turmeric honey face mask? I am intrigued!

Such a good reminder.

Annnnnd another good reminder.

18 places to find free art.

This holiday season, Kenny and I will be taking the boys on our first really significant 4-person family trip. And, yes, it’ll be a trip, not a vacation.
If you are going to see a fort or visiting an aquarium, trip. If you are touring a battlefield in 90-degree heat, you are on a trip. If you are doing a jigsaw puzzle, trip. If it rains, and you look up laser tag places, that’s a trip. If you’ve spent more than your car payment on cheesy souvenirs you will soon throw away, you are on a trip.

Life advice from Michelle Obama and Dolly Parton.

I loved this post from Sara about defining your own success.
In a system governed mainly by men making all of the money, the measure of success remained the same: making all of the money. More money = more success. Less money = failure.

It fascinates me how easily we believe in this. Oh sure, money is pretty wonderful and makes all kinds of thing easier, but it isn’t success. You can be a failure at life, and still rolling in cash. You can be a lauded once-in-a-generation talent and still desperately poor.

If there are young children in your life/home this is SUCH a good way to make mornings smoother.

Wow! Did you know that video games are starting to feature Autistic heros?

I love to travel! I do not enjoy air travel! Here are 10 things Joy does to make her flights more enjoyable.

A reminder I wish we didn’t need but here it is: Don’t date Nazis.

Somewhat related: A psychologist explains the limits of human compassion
When numbers simply can’t convey the costs, there’s an infuriating paradox at play. Slovic calls it “psychic numbing.” As the number of victims in a tragedy increases, our empathy, our willingness to help, reliably decreases. This happens even when the number of victims increases from one to two.

Did you know that the more you use your library, the better it gets? When your library can provide statistics for how many people check out books and movies, they get more funding for more books and movies! Also: 5 things to check out of your library that aren’t books.

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

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