Yes & Yes is taking a Summer Vacation!


It’s already August and – as per the usual – I’m haunted by the belief that I haven’t “Summered correctly.” I haven’t gone swimming enough, taken enough roadtrips, and I’ve eaten nary a snow cone. FAIL.

So I’m taking the next two weeks off to:
a) live out a life time dream of visiting Prince Edward Island
b) get a bunch of business-y stuff set up behind the scenes

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite vintage Summer-y posts over the next 15 days so if you stop by there will still be fresh(ish) content here on the Yes & Yes homepage.

I’ll still be on Instagram and Facebook during this break, probably overwhelming you with photos of beaches and Tim Hortons, so follow at your own risk 😉

See you on the 16th and thanks for making Yes & Yes part of your online life!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



Thanks for the Timmies mention – it made me smile! If you are going through Ontario, consider stopping in Ottawa. Since it’s Canada’s 150th birthday celebration summer, there is so many extra things going on. Also MTL is celebrating their 375th anniversary of being founded so I think they have a lot going on too.
Have fun on your road trip!

Gab White

I’m so excited you’re finally visiting Prince Edward Island! It was my favourite family vacation growing up, it’s the perfect amount of laid-back for grown-ups and entertaining for kids.

Enjoy the beaches and the Cows Ice Cream! it’s the best ice cream in Canada and they also make amazing cheese!


Summer! Lordy, I can not WAIT for summer to arrive Down Under.
Have an amazing vacation Sarah!


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