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How was your week, guys? I saw some of my favorite self-employed ladies, celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary, and as you read this we’re up north visiting my parents. Then we’re heading to this amazing Airbnb for my birthday. I can’t wait!

Fun links for you!

I loved this reminder from Rachel Cole: We all have two ears.
This is just to say we have two ears. One for listening to our own hearts and one for listening to the hearts of others.

This is just to say the plants on my balcony are outgrowing their pots—crawling out of the soil like a child does last year’s shoes. This is just to say that I wonder “Am I outgrowing my soil?”

This is just to say it’s not Flint, Michigan that doesn’t have clean drinking water, it’s the human beings in Flint, Michigan that don’t have clean drinking water more than 1,000 days later.

This is just to say I tried one of those online clothing resale sites. I got a sweater. I think I overpaid. It’s warm and perfect for summer in San Francisco.

This is just to say my cycles have been irregular and it’s unsettling.

A road trip with a twist!

My birthday is coming up and this looks perfect. (Purrfect?)

When do you write off a partner who’s a mess?
He says he wants to be with you and change, but the real question is, what has he done to better himself? If he’s truly serious about being his best self, he will proactively — and without prompting from you — detach from his toxic friends and get serious about his emotional health. He is clearly hurting and feels like being with you will solve all his problems, but it won’t. His problems will be right there where he left them. It’s wonderful that he is seeing a therapist but he needs to take consistent action to prove that he is truly changing his ways. Without that, his words are simply well-intentioned nonsense.

I’m looking forward to this interview series with women about their jobs – and not just white ladies who work in PR!

This beauty and fashion interview made my laugh.
“We also were inspired by Born to Run, which we would read out loud to each other in our tent. The book was about the Tarahumara people in Mexico, who would eat chia seeds before they went on these really long barefoot runs. So, every morning, we would take a cup of water, add the seeds and a little bit of lime juice, mix it with our fingers and chug. We were like, ‘This is the path! We’re going to be so healthy and so beautiful!’”

Fascinating! Did you know that the IKEA catalog is different depending on the country?

Wow. Have you read about the big study that came out re: brain damage and the NFL? Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel surprisingly retired from the NFL on Thursday at the age of 26 after he read the study. He’s going to pursue is PhD at M.I.T. Good for him!

Helpful: What to say to a grieving friend.

I’m vegetarian and Kenny isn’t. I loved this roundup of Twin Cities restaurants that meat-free and meat-lovers will both love.

Do you need that?

Co-signed! Start right now, ready or not.
When we delay taking an action we’ve identified for ourselves, it feels like we’re keeping ourselves safe. Our dreams get to stay clean and protected, safe in the possibility of ‘someday’ instead of the messy, gritty reality of ‘now’. But the problem is that clean and protected dreams only ever stay as that – dreams, not realities, not evolved into life-changes and adventures and steep learning curves. They’re like axolotls, kept in the dark and never allowed to mature and venture onto land.

Yup! 3 compelling reasons to schedule more ‘nothing’ into your life.

A friend recommended this and it’s winging its way to me right now. Will report back!

Gender expectations about emotions aren’t good for anybody: Talking to boys the way we talk to girls.

While doing research for Kenny’s and my Halloween costumes, I stumbled onto this Friday Night Lights fan fiction AND I AM INTO IT.

Hope you guys had a lovely week!


Ashley W

(Thanks for the excuse to stay in bed lol) Loved the Rachel Cole link! What a tuff week in the news…. tough year! It’s grinding me down! Take care, everyone! Make room for joy!

Martina S

I’ve had wonderful luck with the 1000 Roses line from Andalou. I use their night cream and day cream for my very dry, very sensitive skin and find them both really soothing and nourishing.


Oh wow, that ‘when to write off a partner’ article feels like it’s been spying on my life 🙂


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