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Welp, another week, another round of terrifying natural disasters. How are you guys holding up? I’m making a million donations, trying to get more sleep and exercise than normal and – let’s be honest – eating lots of carbs and cheese while watching movies from the 80s.

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As our country deals with three natural disasters in two weeks, it seems like a good time to buy an emergency kit if you don’t have one and get first aid training if you don’t have it. Pretty much every community ed program offers first aid training for about $45!

A good reminder for my fellow Type A humans.

A magazine for the stylish cat-lover.

If you’re looking to fine-tune your self-care this September, these five questions will help.

Want to help someone affected by DACA but not sure where to start? This will help.

Related: my interview with a Dreamer and the story of how he ended up in America.

Under the headings of “Not Surprising” and “God How Depressing,” these two women entrepreneurs created a fake male co-founder to dodge startup sexism.
“It was like night and day,” says Dwyer. “It would take me days to get a response, but Keith could not only get a response and a status update, but also be asked if he wanted anything else or if there was anything else that Keith needed help with.”
Fascinating. Did you know the British royal family had to follow all these rules? Apparently royal couples are even discouraged from holding hands while abroad!

A recipe I’m bookmarking: olive oil chocolate mousse.

This house tour is making me yearn for black walls.

I’m weirdly concerned about taking care of my clothes – I wash most things inside out, in cool water, and let them air dry. More tips for taking care of your clothes so they last longer!

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I loved this essay and need to re-read it, like, weekly.
A large part of well-being is how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. If my actions change how I see myself then, well, how I act can have tremendous effects on my quality of life.

Actions can literally change who we are.

Here’s hoping next week is better, friends. 



We air dry so many clothes that we ran out of room inside. I put up a reel clothes line outside and then that wasn’t enough, so I invested in a sturdy umbrella-style clothes line. If you hang things right, you’ll never touch an iron again. And the money you save on electricity! Maybe because it’s a choice, I find it meditative and my husband enjoys it, too. Great article!

Beth C.

This is my issue- I live in a tiny apartment with no yard and a laundromat a block away. As much as i might like to line dry everything it just isn’t possible. I’ve given up on that and just stick with stuff I know will shrink in the dryer.


I’m so OCD about how I wash my clothes. Most people think I’m neurotic, but glad to see that apparently I’m not the only one. I never dry any of my jeans, they get washed inside out and on gentle cycle.

And P.S. that mousse….looks heavenly!


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