What does it mean to be a ‘writer’?

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What does it mean to be a ‘writer’?

Can you consider yourself a writer if you ‘just’ write short stories no one ever sees? If you ‘only’ write on your blog? Is there a timeline or chart that lays out – in no uncertain terms – when you move from “someone who likes to write” to “A Writer”?

This isn’t a simple question, but Jenna is helping us answer it.

Jenna can teach you how to write and publish a personal essay (like hers that ran on Salon.)

And she reminds us that we have to be bad to get good. She teaches us that “‘becoming a writer,’ much like anything worth doing, is a long journey, and I’m still running the first few miles. I am good but I can be better. I have so much to learn, days and days of practice still yet within me.” 

If you’re a fellow writer, a beginning writer, or someone who appreciates good writing, you should check Jenna out. She’s wonderful!

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