Real Talk: Your excuses for not using Pinterest aren’t valid

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Imagine me, reader, sitting across from you at a coffee shop. We’re drinking overpriced lattes and you’re telling me all the reasons Pinterest doesn’t apply to your business.

“I don’t write about crafts or recipes or fashion.”
“I don’t use it myself and I’m pretty sure my people don’t use it, either.”
“I have my hands full just planning my blog content, dude.”

Imagine me nodding like I get it. Because I do get it! I didn’t really start using Pinterest till earlier this year!

Now imagine me pulling up Google analytics and showing you that Pinterest sends me 55% of my traffic – even though I don’t write about recipes, I don’t personally use Pinterest, and I am loathe to take on a new social media platform. (Below is a real screenshot of my Google analytics!)

Real talk, friends. You should really be using Pinterest. No matter what you write about, no matter your audience, you should be using it. And if you just want to hand it off to someone else? You can do that! You can hire a Pinterest manager who will do all of it for you!

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Ellen M. Gregg

Truth! It shocks me, everyday, how much of my website traffic comes from Pinterest. And just recently, a new client shared that she found me via one of my blog posts shared on Pinterest. Mind = blown.

pat kerr

This is all so true Shaina!! I feel like the only person standing in my way is myself. I make all these excuses that are just waisting my time instead of taking action and getting somewhere. I just need to take that leap of faith and hope for the best. Thank you for the inspirational talk 😀 I really needed this right now :)


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