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What’d you get up to this week, guys? I home-happy-hour-ed with a friend I don’t see enough, took a first aid class, and crossed ‘Try Sonora Grill’s eggplant fries’ off my new things list!

Links for you!

A new-to-me website: Herself. Essays and photos of women’s bodies.

I know it sounds crazy but fried cabbage IS SO GOOD.

If you’ve ever read about minimalism and thought ‘that doesn’t sound right for me’ – this is for you!

Related: 10 tips for living minimally, long-term. I do #6!

Seasonal PSA: as our days start getting shorter, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D! I just bulk order these and eat them all winter long.

As Scott Pruitt works to repeal the Clean Power Plan, here’s a reminder that if you use Xcel Energy, you can enroll in their Windsource program and get up to 100% of your energy from a renewable source. For $5 extra dollars a month. Dooooo ittttt.

I hope you don’t need this, but if you do: how to bounce back from setbacks.

I loved Beth’s advice on taking care of Future Me!
How many times have you been faced with a decision you knew how to respond to, but didn’t have the willpower or guidance to make the best choice? Your “future me” can be your new best friend. Allow the part of yourself that knows which outcome will best serve YOU be your guide.

When I need help making the best decision for myself, I listen to the advice of “future me.”

A good skill for 2017: How to handle offensive comments + conversation
Many people continue to speak prejudiced language because they assume everyone around them feels the same way. Simply letting someone know that you don’t agree can be a powerful first step toward change.

Related: How *I* handle offensive comments

Yeah, I have to agree. Blaming ‘evil’ is a cop out.

FASCINATING. Angelyne’s real identity is revealed!
“This one,” he said, pointing at a 1967 Monroe Senior High School sophomore from the San Fernando Valley, third from right, “is Angelyne.” A schoolgirl with hooded eyes and long center-parted locks, in a button-down white shirt and tie, stared out across half a century. “Also known as Renee Goldberg.”

So good! The ultimate cheat sheet for dealing with your excuses.

Reminder: if you want something, sometimes you have to give it to yourself.

Can you learn to be nicer?

Hope you had a good weekend, friends!

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