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My 1996 self is sooooo into this. 

How was your week, friend? I co-worked with a buddy, crossed ‘visit the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’ off my New Things List, and rounded up all my non-meat-eating friends for a big group dinner at J. Selby’s.

Links for you!

The wildfires in Northern California have claimed almost 6,000 homes and businesses. Here’s how you can help.

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 – not for an impressive ethical reason, simply because I don’t like meat. That said, if you read this you might never eat chicken again.
Instead, antibiotics are given to make food animals put on weight more quickly than they would otherwise, or to protect food animals from illnesses that the crowded conditions of livestock production make them vulnerable to. And nearly two-thirds of the antibiotics that are used for those purposes are compounds that are also used against human illness – which means that when resistance against the farm use of those drugs arises, it undermines the drugs’ usefulness in human medicine as well.

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You’d be a better communicator if you weren’t so afraid of embarrassing yourself.

37 feminist onesies for baby girls and boys.

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Did you know that Somalia suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history this week? I didn’t see this anywhere in the American news.

Yes! Alex talks about the smallest things can change how your day (and life!) goes.

Interesting! Is this the most important thing in a relationship?
I thought about all the times that my man had come home to me in a sad girl sulk, or to a slow-boiling rage which I would unleash upon him when he least expected it. I realised how insane and unfair that was, how it was essentially a type of emotional violence. I had made the mistake of thinking that because my man is strong and capable, he could — and should — just take whatever I felt like throwing at him.

I loved this down-to-the-studs rehab of a little house in L.A.

FASCINATING. Are you better off moving than voting?

I love Kelly Clarkson’s new single! And I loved her recent comment to a question about her weight “‘Too skinny, too fat, too blonde—so much blah. This is who I am and I’m happy,’ she declared. ‘Happy looks different on everyone.’”

Hope you had a good week, guys!

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