9 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Brain, and Business

Fellow bloggers, creatives, and self-employed types! I rounded up the best, most helpful stuff for you!

Reminder: On December 1st I’m wrapping up my 1-on-1 blog coaching Secret Weapon. Like, forever. If you’d like to be one of my very last clients, click here and we’ll see if we’re a good fit!

Mariah Coz’s Webinar Rockstar course dramatically up-leveled my live class game. Like, webinar attendees often tell me in the chat that I’m good at it. One student actually wrote “I BOUGHT THAT SHIT SO FAST.” ? Totally recommended if webinars are part of your marketing strategy!

Instagram hacks you haven’t heard before (like how to get the right spacing in your captions!)

I really appreciated Sarah’s honesty here.
Blogging has changed a ton since I started, when there were no marketing campaigns and it was all about telling stories and sharing ideas. When I was a teenager and in my twenties it was my creative outlet. I would spend entire days writing, taking photos, screwing around with my design, happily staying up until 4 in the morning. But I haven’t done anything resembling that in YEARS.

Helpful! The ultimate stash of time-saving hacks for content-creating solopreneurs.

I started my Money & Happy Facebook group on a whim and I love it! Facebook just rolled out tons of new helpful features for Facebook groups if you have one of your own.

This is an internet pledge I can get behind.

Sometimes freelancing is really lonely. Loneliness, Mental Health, and Diversifying My Income As  A Freelancer

This will be my last blogging round up post! EVER! So here are 37 things I’ve learned about blogging in 37 years.

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What an awesome roundup! I read every one of the articles in your links, and acted on most of them. My new blog is in its infancy, but I was really encouraged by the mini-coaching you gave me about a year ago. Thank you thank you Thank You!

Sandra, Italy

“Sometimes freelancing is really lonely. Loneliness, Mental Health, and Diversifying My Income As A Freelancer”
L.O.V.E.D. this post!


Sorry to hear you’re no longer going to do these posts – you always share great stuff! But if it gives you more time to do other awesome things then fair enough!

“Loneliness, Mental Health, and Diversifying My Income As  A Freelancer” was a great read. I’ve been thinking of taking on a part time face to face job to counter the isolation of home-based working and this has added weight to that idea.

Sarah Von Bargen

Yup! No more blog consulting, no more blogging roundups, no more blogging tips 🙂


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