If there was ever a time to figure out your money + happiness, it’s now.

Want to figure out money and happiness in time for the holidays? Click through for tips that will help!

We’re slowly tipping towards the end of the year.  It’s a season for gratitude, gathering with loved ones, and sharing the bounty of the year.

It’s also the season for:

  • passive-aggressive relatives questioning your life choices
  • spending a million dollars on presents
  • feeling like you need to buy a bigger tree, give nicer gifts, or send holiday cards
  • comparing our lives to what we see in the holiday letters and photos we receive

Funnnn!  Who doesn’t love justifying their decision to go back to school, quit that job, or keep driving the old car over the Thanksgiving table? Who doesn’t enjoy looking at their credit card statement on December 27th and breaking into a cold sweat?

Nobody. Nobody enjoys those things.

Friends, if there was ever a time to get your money + happiness in order it’s now. The holiday season is – hands down! – the most expensive, most stressful time of the year.

Which is why I chose early November to open enrollment for my course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is.

If you want new ways to look at spending and managing money – a way that leads to more discretionary income, less stress, and more happiness – this is for you.

What if you felt calm and proud when you look at your bank statement?

What if you filled your home and calendar with things that make you happy – not whatever was on sale or whatever Facebook event you were invited to?

What if you went to Target and left with only the things on your list?!!

Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is can help with all of the above.

Here’s the deal:

  • 24 video lessons spread out over 6 self-paced modules
  • Interactive workbook
  • Private Facebook group
  • Audio versions of all the lessons so you listen on the go
  • Lifetime access + all updates and upgrades

95% of students say this course paid for itself within a month. A month!

I’m super proud of this course and the long-term, life-changing results it gets for my students. I’d love it if you joined us!

Photos by Annie Spratt and Luke Hodde on Unsplash

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