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First things first! Enrollment for my beloved course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is ends tonight at 11:59 pm CST! And we even bundled it with Make It Stick Habit School and 2 workbooks! That’s $425 of stuff for $197!

Links for you!

Does visualization work?

I wish I could go back and tell my 25-year-old self this: You will never have to chase what wants to stay with you.

9 pieces of common life advice you should probably ignore. (Especially ignore #5)

The contestants of the Miss Peru beauty pageant are not messing around.

Mysister.org sells cute feminist apparel that fights sex trafficking. I really like these earrings! Holiday gifts?

I have been on both ends of this: What to do if your friend constantly gives you unsolicited advice.
I actually sort of stopped talking about any aspect of being a stepmom because so many ‘traditional’ parents gave me unsolicited advice that was a) sort of insulting b) 100% inapplicable to my situation.

Museums + snacks.

Related: this broccoli recipe looks amazing!

Co-signed! The Addams Family models an excellent, loving, supportive family environment.
The emotional center of this family is, of course, Morticia, played as a radiant beauty by Anjelica Huston. She and Gomez are the type of parents so utterly in love with each other that it’s embarrassing at 14 and inspiring at 35. She is a serene rock, the counterpoint to her easily riled husband. When her older children are struggling with the addition of young Pubert, she understands but also firmly diffuses their antics.

Are you a Super Single?

A great metaphor in regards to emotional labor (bring your own potatoes).


I love Rhianna’s perspective on fluctuating weight.

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Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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