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Doesn’t this movie look great?

How was your Thanksgiving, fellow Americans? We celebrated in my MIL’s apartment on the 33rd floor – it felt like such a ‘city’ celebration! On Saturday and Sunday we popped up to friend’s cabin for Friendsgiving pretty much died of jealousy over their lake views.

Links for you!

A fascinating interview about what two parents considered when they were looking for a sperm donor!

A warm smoothie bowl? Into it.

Tiny things and creepy things are both on my Happiness List, so I’m obviously into these.

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I loved this outfit post with two best friends. Cute!

Oh, dear. This is a rough read if you, like me, are addicted to Amazon Prime.
This week, we newbies need to make 75 percent of our total picking-volume targets. If we don’t, we get “counseled.” If the people in here who’ve been around longer than a few weeks don’t make their 100 percent, they get counseled. Why aren’t you making your targets? the supervisors will ask. You really need to make your targets.

This utility-room-to-luxe-bathroom reno is IMPRESSIVE.

A reminder that you are worthy of effort.
“I would cook, if I had someone to cook for…” is a phrase I hear more often than you would guess.  Puzzled, I find myself wanting to shout, “What about you?” Aren’t you someone? You deserve delicious home cooked meals with or without a date! I found this discovery fascinating when I first moved to the city. I couldn’t fathom the idea of resigning myself to a life of takeout until the day someone came along to fill the seat next to me, thus saving me from a life devoid of home-cooked meals.

Why do women try so hard to be attractive if they don’t want to be harassed?

13 rules for female friendships. I loved rule 6B!

A new TV show sends Canadian lawmakers on ‘blind dates’ and sparks fly … over issues. I would definitely watch an American version of this!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!



I’m a little surprised to see your description of Al Franken as “beloved” given the sexual harassment accusations against him. Not sure if this post was prepped before he was in the news or if this reflects your opinion after the charges were made…

Sarah Von Bargen

Hi guys,

This post was created and scheduled 3 weeks ago so I could get ahead of holiday content and I didn’t check it/edit after the sexual harassment stuff came out. Updating now.

Lesley S

Lady Bird was so, so good! Totally worth seeing in theaters. Great links – about to read the Amazon article and I don’t think it’s going to make me feel awesome about all the holiday shopping I’ve done so far.


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