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A Youtube playlist of the entire Amy Grant Christmas album!

Yes & Yes will be off for the holidays December 11 – 31st! I’m taking time to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, go to lots of parties, watch 100 terrible Christmas movies, and play my actual cassette tape of Amy Grant’s Christmas album.

I am, however, using a clever plugin to re-post some of my most helpful, holiday-related posts. There will still be good stuff appearing on the home page every day and I’ll still be popping into the Money & Happy Facebook group and sharing things on Instagram.

Anyway! Links for you!

If you haven’t purchased gifts yet, here’s a great gift guide supporting designers and makers of color.

Also: 23 life-improving gifts you should just buy for your damn self.

I’m bringing these to my friend’s cookie exchange party. Don’t they look good?!

Reminder: closure is a thing you give yourself.

I stumbled on this very old, very helpful post written by Jenna Fischer (Pam from ‘The Office’) about how to become an actor. It’s great advice for anyone working towards a dream or a creative goal.

And this book would be the perfect compliment!

Eeeep! Does your blog have a high bounce rate? Maybe this is why.

Could your healthy lifestyle screw up your sleep?

I loved this: Why the world needs more unflattering photos.
When we share unedited, authentic and “real” photos of ourselves we are not only publicly saying “THIS IS ME WORLD, WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!?!” but additionally, any support that is given online reaffirms that our bodies are definitely okay the way they are. At the very least- we don’t die of anticipated shame when sharing a body that we don’t see praised in the media. That’s a great experience in and of itself as well.

I really appreciated this photo essay featuring famous men sharing their mental health issues.

I refuse to play games that take more than a minute to explain, but I think I’d love this.

I’m sure many people will make a new year’s resolution of ‘use the internet more mindfully.’ Did you know that quitting the internet is apparently as hard as quitting drugs?

Somewhat related: why is kid Youtube SO WEIRD?
Surprise Eggs videos depict, often at excruciating length, the process of unwrapping Kinder and other egg toys. That’s it, but kids are captivated by them. There are thousands and thousands of these videos and thousands and thousands, if not millions, of children watching them.

Now that I’m 38, I feel like I need a proper Skincare Routine – not just Cetaphil and Mexican Retin A I bought off the internet. I think I’ll just copy everything Sarah does. And it’s all green!

An envy-inducing home tour of Joy The Baker’s lovely New Orleans home.

That’s it for 2017! Hope to see you at our pitch-free workshop tomorrow!



I’m 35 and also had the same thought about a skincare regime (and makeup seeing as I use a foundation i mix with moisturiser from the bodyshop)- but then I went ahead and bought certain things and realised I’d spent a ton of money on things that don’t really make my skin any better (despite the products telling me they do and instagram and facebook also telling me I NEED these things) and that I was just buying into the adverise-consume-landfill path- what do I need with all these products? They mean I take more time attempting to feel like a woman that the media tells me I should look like! And I create a lot of waste (packaging, postage, etc) that makes me feel guilty and sad for the state of the world. How about I just say no and realise I can look beauroful without what magazines and online stores tell me I need!


Sorry, bit of a rant… just I’m finding it hard at Christmas time with the juxtaposition of posts on my news feed “this polar bear is dying of starvation because ice caps are melting” next to “buy this cute christmas dress” or “top nail polishes for christmas”. I find it really distressing and just want to step away from all marketing and advertising and consumption! I find it hard to both care about the environmenr and care about frivolities. It’s really getting me down!


I didn’t read blogs on Sunday, but I did attend the workshop today! Thanks for a great session that made me start to think about how i can set goals a little differently, aka. work on one thing.


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