The Self-Discovery Tool You’ve Probably Never Considered

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I like to think I know who I am and what I’m about. Personality tests? I’ve taken ’em. (I’m an INTJ and an Upholder). Self-help books? I’ve read ’em. LOTS of ’em.

I’m always interested to hear what other people are doing in terms of getting to know themselves better and nudging themselves closer to the human they want to become. I was fascinated when Angie told me that she uses tarot cards as a tool for self-discovery and personal development.

Say what? I thought tarot cards were for …. I don’t know. Telling the future in a room filled with incense smoke? Pivital scenes in movies when someone draws the death card?

Turns out I was wrong. Like, way wrong. Angie uses tarot as a jumping off point for weekly journalling prompts, deep questions, personal accountability. And you can get started for $1!

If you’re curious, download Angie’s free tarot meaning cheat sheet here and try it with your deck. You might be amazed at what you find out about yourself!

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Yes! I’ve used tarot cards for years. People often think I use them as a magical tool, but I think of them like powerful questions or nudges that get us to change our perspective and see something that can be manifested within us. Granted, some of the work that comes out of a tarot reading can feel magical 🙂


I love using tarot cards and oracle cards for these purposes. So many people see them as a way to predict the future, but I see them more as a way to shine a light on the areas of our lives that need attention, bring focus when we’re feeling a bit muddy and reflect on things that are present in our lives. I’ve found it super helpful and I really recommend giving it a try.


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