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A song 48 million people have heard since 2014 but I only heard last week?

How was your week, friends? We flew home from Mexico on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week doing that ‘catch up with your life’ bit that follows any trip. All the laundry! All the emails! All the groceries!

Links for you!

On April 29th, I’ll be giving the keynote at The Blog Connect conference in Philly! I’ll be talking about defining success for yourself, making writing and networking a habit, and why we need to track our professional process not our ‘progress.’ Join us!

I watched this on the flight home and it was sooooo good.

12 great reader comments about friendship

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A good reminder for everyone: being ‘tough’ won’t save you from sexual harassment.

This is about blogging but it applies to pretty much everything in life: the answers are in the doing
Now, instead of following my initial instinct to research and plan and plan and plan, I’m writing and creating and hitting publish to move through my doubts and land on something that I have lot of faith is there even though I don’t know exactly what it is yet.

If you are on the precipice of starting or launching or changing, I encourage you to do the same thing. Like it or not, whatever you create is going to evolve and change. 

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A pretty, cold-weather DIY.

This aligns so much with what I teach in Put Your Money Where Your Happy IsA Family Chooses Smaller Quarters & More Adventures on the Road (also, their home is lovely!)

Cosy! Easy! 15 sheetpan meals.

Two of my friends just got back from a trip to Morocco and I am JEALOUS. Here’s a travel guide if you’d like to join me in living vicariously.

Oh no! I think I might have recommended Grammarly in the past but I rescind that recommendation! Here’s why.

Yesssss. “Why am I so lazy?”
To be perfectly clear, you can form your identity however you like. If “lazy” and “introverted” and “messy” feels good to you, then go for it. But do you see how conflicted you are about these habits, even though you choose to view them as part of your core identity?

Your days are filled with the sound of “Why can’t I just …” and “What’s wrong with me?” And you encounter each new task with a feeling of dread: “Here’s another pesky to-do item I feel ambivalent about because I Am Lazy.” “Here’s another pile of junk to step over because I Am Messy.” “Here’s another project I’ll think about for weeks without making any progress because I Am a Procastinator.”

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If you ate too many holiday cookies and drank too much champagne, but you don’t want to do a juice fast (WHO CAN BLAME YOU) this seems much more doable and realistic.

Do you have enough ‘white space’ in your daily routine?

Actual LOL: Vivien Leigh, a Baby Sloth From Pittsburgh, Is Very Relatable to Me Personally 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, friends!


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