Do You Have a ‘Me In 5 Years’ Role Model?

This post is brought to you by rock music, pink hair, the letter A, and Amy Edwards. 

Have you ever heard that life-coachy phrase “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it”?

If we can look past the rhyme for a moment, that cheesy phrase reminds us that if we don’t see someone doing/acting/living in a certain way, it’s hard for us to imagine a future like that for ourselves.

Since I got married and became a stepmom, I’ve been looking for a “me in five years” role model. I wanted to see a woman in her early forties living a life that looked like what I wanted for myself.

I wanted to see a woman who took her role as a wife and parent seriously … but didn’t let those roles define her exclusively. I wanted to see a wife and mom who had an exciting creative career, took trips with her friends, took risks, and wore things other than, like, khaki capris.

Weirdly, women like this – adventurous, sexy, outspoken, creative women in their forties who also happen to be wives and moms – are hard to find on the internet.

Till I found Amy.

Amy is a singer, songwriter, and author who picked up a guitar for the first time at age 38. She writes about staying motivated and being a force in the world even when you’re not feeling it. She’s an activist, a great mom, a loving wife, and an unabashed pink-hair haver.

If you’re looking for woman who’s living her life in a way that works for her, I think you’ll love Amy.

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Audra Edmonson

Okay this is super inspiring. I feel like I’ve just been granted permission to do things I want to do but have felt too old for (and I’m in my twenties! sheesh), like dying my hair pink or going to volunteer at the zoo or something that just seems to crazy for someone “responsible” to do. Thank you thank you thank! I’m definitely going to check out Amy!


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