An unexpected winter style tip + The right people to help you pull it off

This post is brought to you by a stylish winter wardrobe, bright colors, the letter W, and We Love Colors

fashion bloggers who have the winter-in-tights situation figured out

A few years ago, I was interviewing a fashion blogger based in Anchorage, Alaska. As we wrapped up the interview, I asked if she had any cold-weather specific style tips to share.

Now, I was only half-listening because I’m a third-generation Minnesotan. I thought I knew all the winter style tricks. I didn’t, because she floored me with this:

“I keep wearing my dresses well into winter; I just double up on tights. I’ll wear tights in a solid color under a pair of patterned tights. It keeps me surprisingly warm, helps me extend my wardrobe, and I get tons of compliments.” 

Whaaaat?! GEN.I.US.

If you’re living someplace Winter-y (or you just love tights), I’d like to introduce you to We Love Colors and their amazing tights.

We Love Colors makes great tights AND they’re a great company. They’re a family-run, US-based company. Their tights start at $8. They carry sizes that fit people up to 500 pounds and they’ve partnered with style bloggers of every size, age, gender, and race.

Inclusivity! Great prices! Stretch! What’s not to love?!

They even made us a free shipping code: YESTOWLC, good through February 28th. Give ’em a try!



Genius tip! Definitely going to look into doing this. I’m a Washingtonian now living in the heart of central Europe so I’ve deeeeefinitely needed all the winter style help I can get… especially at this point in winter when I feel like I’ve exhausted all of my motivation. Any links you can share to who those style bloggers in the first photo are? Thanks much 🙂


I am in the market for a couple of new pairs of tights since mine have become all stretched out and worn this winter. I decided to try these folks using your code, however there’s no place in the cart or the checkout process to enter the code. I paid with Paypal and there’s no review step like I’m used to with some other retailers, so my payment went through without a chance to review my order and look (again) for the place to enter the code. So I’m not sure how the code works here, but I definitely didn’t get a chance to use it!


Hello Lauren! We have gotten a couple orders using the code and it worked for them. We are happy to refund you the shipping cost via PayPal. Send us your order number and we will be happy to do so.


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