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What’d you get up to this week, friends? I took a little day trip to Cannon Falls (cute!), saw Lady Bird (also cute!), took my 16-year-old niece out for manis and pho, and hosted friends for dinner so we could smell their baby and coo over him. Good times had by all!

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Do you have any friends who are both a) stylish b) new parents? This is for them.

Most of us complain about winter and the long, dark nights. I appreciated Renee’s essay about honoring the darker parts of ourselves this time of year.
When the days are short and I experience darkness more than light, I allow myself to look into my own darkness and challenge myself to love what’s there. All the emotions, opinions, and feelings I’ve been told were wrong resurface. This time, I feel through them. I welcome them and embrace them. I get comfortable with the unfamiliar. I get familiar with the uncomfortable.

Babe, if you’re reading this, please get me these for Valentine’s Day.

Everyone who works at a computer probably needs this: a foam roller for your wrist!

Do you know someone who loves video games but shuts down if you try to use any ‘self-help’ talk? Forward this to ’em: 7 ways video game strategies can help you protect yourself from toxic people

Did you know that getting enough sleep is comparable with the average increase in well-being measured in lottery winners 2 years after a $250,000 jackpot win?!

Related: an entire podcast devoted to insomnia and better sleep habits.

Oooof. An important essay about filing for bankruptcy.
No one tells you that having things means nothing other than the fact that you’ve managed to stockpile your sadness. You’ve managed to do the unthinkable — give an emotion weight, shape, and form. Money will never fill the emptiness, the hole in your heart that seems to forever widen. Over two decades, I made an extraordinary amount of money and all I had to show for it was a home stuffed with clothes I’d never wear, books I’d never read, and gadgetry I had no interest in using. And still, I was sad.

Co-signed with this! If you want a meaningful life, take risks.

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Interesting! I’ve never heard of this method of making pasta.

And these roasted buffalo chickpea bowls look delicious!

If you’re looking for something other than 1-800-Flowers for Valentine’s Day: 7 Chic Alternative Online Flower Delivery Services

Hope you had a lovely week!


Rachel King

Hey! FYI — the “roasted buffalo chickpea bowls” link actually goes to the alternative flower delivery link. I’m informing you of this selfishly because that I WANT that recipe.


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