How To Write For Your Business But Sound Like A Human

This post is brought to you by sales copy you actually want to read, coffee, the letter W, and We Write You

Have you ever found yourself reading the back of a shampoo bottle and chuckling? Or laughing over a product description and forwarding it to your friend? Or reading a sales page and looking behind you because you’re thinking “HOW ARE YOU TALKING DIRECTLY TO ME???”

You have? Congrats! You’ve encountered sales copy that sounds like a human! It is rare and not unlike spotting a unicorn in the wild.

The fact that fun, engaging, human-sounding copy is so rare makes it about a million more effective than jargon-filled corporate mumbo jumbo. We Write You can teach you how to write like a human and  get past your fears about “being appropriate” online.

And if you’d like a bit of honest feedback on your writing? They’ll look at your stuff and give it to you. For free.

And if you’re thinking, “That’s cool and everything, but I’m too busy to even write my own stuff” – they can help with that, too! Their copywriting packages are A BARGAIN. Go check ’em out!

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