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How was your week, friends? I got to meet a friend’s new puppy (named Debra!!), gave a workshop on workshops, and as you read this, I’m holed up in a cabin with girlfriends and no internet and it is glorious!

Links for you

I have joined the ranks of Whole 30 People, so I loved this round up of 20 easy cauliflower dinner recipes.

I recently switched from my $25 liquid eyeliner to this one and it’s so much easier to apply!

What happens when you drink too much gin and then make a list of your goals for the year?

You’ve already read Cardi B’s amazing interview in GQ, right?
“Yes,” she says, nodding. She has baby-doll features: big eyes, round face, minimal chin. “Yes, from the New Deal. It was a system to get us back from the world Depression—then, on top of that, while he was president there was a fucking war going on.

World War II was going on. So all this shit going on in the United States, while recouping the country from an economic tragedy, making sure that America won the war—and his wife? I would say she was almost like Michelle Obama. She was such a good humanitarian, and we both got the same birthday, October 11th.”

This is sweet: 6 signs the Universe has your back.

If you find yourself drifting towards you computer at 8:30 and working some more, this is for you: Why I’m Taking Back My Evenings

If you have a traveler in your life, this book is THE perfect gift for them. Or a soon-to-be college graduate who’s about to backpack for months at a time!

A good reminder to all us business owners (and a note-to-self): A confused mind never buys
When a story is too long and overly complicated and never seems to get to the point, you tune out. When you see a restaurant menu that’s fifteen pages long, covering everything from French toast to pizza to sushi, it’s overwhelming and unappealing.

When a company sends out mixed signals (the messaging on the website doesn’t match the emails or social media accounts, for example) it feels confusing. In these instances, are you excited to sign up, enroll, join, or make a purchase? Not really. And neither are your customers. A confused mind never buys.

I get Very Concerned about food waste, so I love this recipe that used carrots AND their tops!

I inadvertently did this at a recent meeting with a Big Deal Potential Client. So that’s good, I guess?

A friendly reminder.

I get TONS of questions about the logistics of planning for long-term travel. How do I quit my job without ruining my career? What do I do with all my stuff? How do I save enough money? All valid questions! So I wrote you this exhaustive, one-year step-by-step plan. Share it with all your traveler friends!

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Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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