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How was your week, friends? I started it by being snowed in at my friend’s cabin (#notcomplaining), had date night at my favorite plant-based cafe in the Twin Cities, and this weekend we’re going to lay low after six week of non-stop travel, holidays, and parties. I am so looking forward to doing laundry and cleaning out the front closet!

Also! Three little housekeeping updates!

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  • If you missed it when I ran it live, you can now watch my 5 Reasons Your Good Habits Don’t Stick workshop anytime you want.
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Links for you!

I almost pursued a Master’s Degree in ‘Pop Culture Studies’ so OF COURSE I loved this article.
“Who?” he’ll ask, sometimes creatively framing the question as: “What’s a Kardashian?” While it is usually out of character for this particular breed of man to admit ignorance in any arena, in this case it is important that you know he is far too busy doing worthier things to know who Kim Kardashian is.

The more you knoooooowww!

Yes! I loved this post from Susan Hyatt on the littlest thing that might be standing between you and what you want.

Are you listening to the ‘There Are Other Ways’ podcast? I really like Laura Jane Williams’ episode about choosing to be single and celebrating life’s non-traditional milestones.

Did you know this about Crisis Pregnancy Centers? I did not.

Lots of us come out of dating hibernation in the spring. This will help make dating less awful.

If you’re feeling that spring itch to mix things up: 17 tiny changes that make life more interesting

What happens when kids write the household rules and the parents abide by them for a week?
“But don’t you see? This is the real me. Your rules make me go,” and he shrinks, hunching his shoulders and drawing his wrists together as if cuffed. “But ourrules have unleashed the real me,” and he skips off into the shop.

This is your pre-summer reminder that these are the best flip flops money can buy. My last pair lasted through 12 countries!

If there are children in your life – nieces, siblings, kids you gave birth to – this is a must-read: the five foundations of children’s self-esteem

I’m very much NOT a maximalist, but I still loved this apartment tour. That pink couch!

Ha! Cat-Sitter Shares The Note She Got From The Owner. This is how I’d describe my cat Rasputin’s personality.

I loved this post from Sara: Soft, quiet & powerful (or, How to be Underestimated, always)
As a woman in business I am continually underestimated.

Actually, scratch that – as a woman on Earth I am continually underestimated, just like the rest of my sex – it’s just that running a kickass business that has made it so glaringly apparent to me.

People from the more conventional world of financial success see me – small, baby-faced, inclined towards linen dresses and rapunzelesque hair – and think that they have me all figured out. They put me tidily onto a box marked “of no concern”, and immediately add less weight and credence to what I say. 

Random PSA: If you’re African American, Asian, or Pacific Islander and bought a Toyota and financed with Toyota Motor Credit Co. between Jan 2011 – August 2016, you’re entitled to repayment from a $21.9 million settlement fund because you were charged higher interest rates than white car buyers.

This is such a fun idea for an at-home movie night!

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!


Erin Leah

CHACOS ARE THE BEST!!! Haha I got them a few years ago based on your recommendation before heading out to backpack around Asia and even went hiking in them!! Thank you for always posting such great content. I love reading your travel recommendations and web time wasters every sunday <3

Sarah Von Bargen

Oh, that makes me so happy! They really, really are great, aren’t they?!


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