I want to share your true story!

It’s Monday on Yes & Yes so I bet you’re here for the True Story interview that usually appears in this space. Me, too!

After 400+ interviews, I’m sort of struggling to find stories I haven’t told already!

Competitive lumberjack? Check.
Unexpected home birth? Check.
Parents were con artists? Check.

So I need help from you. If you have a true story we haven’t covered yet, I want to share it!

Interviews can be conducted over email or phone – whichever is easiest for you. You always have the option of being anonymous.

You can search the True Story archives using the search bar above my header to see if we’ve already covered your topic. If you’d like to share your story – or have an idea for an interview – drop me a line at sarah@yesandyes.org.

Thanks so much for making Yes & Yes part of your online life!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Wendy Poe

I have a true story. My mother’s doctors strongly encouraged her and my father to abort me. Thankfully, they didn’t!

Also, I would love for you to look at my website. I am trying to build an author platform. I have one book in the editing stage with WestBow Press at the moment.


I really like the true stories series. Some ideas tbat I would like to read about (that you may have covered as these ideas have come from somewhere!)
– what it’s like being an armed police officer
– what’s it like being a triplet or quadruplet
– what’s it like to be told you have learning difficulties
– what’s it like to become very rich very young
– what it’s like to manage your own business
– what it’s like to be a chef in a michelin restaurant


I would love to see more “where are they now” follow up interviews. it would be so cool to check in with people and see how they’re doing!


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