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How was your week, friends? I flew back from Philly on Monday, after spending a few days poking around Reading Market, eating my weight in soft pretzels, and imagining a life in which I live in one of those row houses with cute window boxes and a brass knocker on the door.

I’ve traveled SO MUCH these last few months and I’m really looking forward to spending the next few months doing things like: staining the deck. Going to friends’ weddings. Actually moving my life and business forward instead of just packing, unpacking, and digging myself out of an email hole.

Also! On May 10th, I’m running my Spending Diet + Earning Spree book as a group program! Book + private Facebook group + live Q & A + accountability for less than the price of a Target swimsuit! Sign up below and you’ll be the first to know when doors open!

Links for you!

If you’re in Philly, I SO recommend the Founding Footsteps tours. You support a local business that built philanthropy into its business model, get unique insights, hear bad jokes, and drink beer. That’s so many wins in one place!

I love watching my friends use their professional skills for great causes! Leslie Plesser shoots all my professional photos and this month she’s photographing rescue dogs in need of forever homes. Check out her Instagram feed if you love dogs and/or are looking for a new addition to your family!

Friends who love to exfoliate: have you heard of this? Do I need to get one? I AM EXTREMELY TEMPTED.

I was on Rolf Potts’ Deviate podcast this week sharing my six principles for identifying, embracing, and maintaining happiness. Listen here!

What can happen when you decide to take your dream seriously.

A kale salad I think I might actually eat because it include a lot of cheese.

Also, I quietly pride myself in bringing interesting, previously-unknown dishes to potlucks. Let’s start with Muhammara (Syrian Red Pepper + Walnut Dip)

As it gets warmer, our calendars fill up … or feel like they should. If your social life isn’t quite what you want, here’s how to make friends as an adult. 

Suuuuuch a good reminder that we never, ever know what someone is going through: Living with an undiagnosed condition.
People have commented on my weight for forever – ‘you must not eat anything to be that skinny’, when in fact, I quite literally can’t keep anything I eat in my digestive system for longer than an hour. Not so glamorous or enviable when you put it like that, is it?

Two days before these photos were taken I was in A&E, I’d fainted in the night, crashed to the floor before I could make it to the bathroom.

I loved this. So true!

This article is awesome and the writing is so funny and good I had to immediately follow Eric on all platforms and read through his archives: Does Beyoncé Have to Do Everything Herself Around Here?
Dear companies of the world who are struggling with diversity: Beyoncé has heard your complaints that there aren’t enough qualified candidates from non-white non-male backgrounds and she would like to present you with an entire line of black female violinists who can also dance. Sincerely, Do Better.


In case you’re there, too: Raising Teens Is Hard.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



Thank you for sharing the story about the undiagnosed condition. This describes my life from age 23-28 to a T, except that my symptoms were different. I still suffer a bit every day and know that I could relapse at any moment. I am also still struggling to “catch up” in life, after having basically missed out on my 20s and all of the development and life experience that usually brings. It is so important to share these stories because, honestly, I have left like the only person on earth dealing with something like this. I’m not happy to hear about the suffering of others, but glad to hear I’m not alone. <3

Lori Tharps

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for sharing the link to my post on raising teens, because it is hard and the more we talk it about it, the better. You rock!



I have been SO TEMPTED by that Baiden Mitten ever since Alison Freer mentioned it on XOJane a million years ago. I think about it every once in a while and try to make do with scrubby spa gloves from Target and Philosophy salt scrub, but FOMO, right? What if the Baiden Mitten is BETTER and gives me even PRETTIER soft glowy skin?! Sarah, you should totally get one. For science. Mention how it works for you in your instagram stories and write it off as a business expense. For science! For your readers!


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