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How was you week, friends? I walked the lakes with a friend I haven’t seen in months, saw the RBG movie with some of my favorite high-powered ladies, opened the doors on my most affordable course yet: Bank Boost. It’s a $25 group program and the methods I teach helped one student pay off $10,000+ of debt. Whaaaat? For $25 what do you have to lose? Click here to join us; class starts on Tuesday!

Also: tomorrow night at 7 pm, I’m doing an ’emotional spring cleaning’ live q & a with my More Money, More Happy Facebook group. Join us and bring all your questions about aligning your spending with your values (or just where to sell all the stuff you purge from your closet).

Links for you!

Bonfire eggs! What a great idea!

What should your tone be when you’re having tricky workplace conversations? Listen to these audio examples!

Since we are entering the season of graduation and wedding gifts: 11 minimalist gift ideas that add to happiness, not clutter.

Tis also the season to GET SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR SPF USE. (pssst: you should be wearing spf all day, every day, regardless of the weather or season.) My dermatologist recommends this and I literally buy it in bulk. I guess 2,900 4.5 star reviews know what’s up?

Agreed: Tracee Ellis Ross is wearing The Best Dress. Dare I say this looks … comfortable?

Frozen Moscow Mules!

Have you seen ‘One Day At A Time‘ on Netflix? It looks an feels like a typical sitcom (laugh track, bright colored set, “spunky grandma”) but it addresses incredibly important issues – gender identity, immigration, white privilege. I bet it’d be great to watch with kids or older family members who, uh, “don’t quite get” that stuff.

Ooooof. What It’s Like To Have Your Parents Go Bankrupt To Give You The Life You Want
After I returned to school, fully aware of the severity of my family’s situation, everything changed. I didn’t talk to anyone about what my family was going through; I didn’t want people to make unfair judgments about my parent because of their past decisions. (I had made the mistake of confiding in one friend, who was appalled that my parents didn’t have a college fund for me, as her parents had been saving for hers since before birth.) So while my peers were all excited to go out, join clubs, and party, I fought a neverending internal battle about feeling guilty for being in college at all.

Goodr is a food-waste management company that redirects surplus food from businesses to nonprofits that can share it with those who are food insecure. If you work for a restaurant or grocery store, encourage them to sign up!

If you’re planning a roadtrip this summer, here’s everything you need to know before you leave.

If you’re purging your closet this spring, something to think about: how to de-clutter responsibly.

Related: How to stop buying shit you don’t need (so you don’t have to de-clutter in the first place)

A good read for the perfectionists among us: When The Art You Create Disappoints You
Are our creations, our stories, our paintings, our photographs, our sculptures, our pottery, our sewing, our songs…are they always meant to be these shining beacons, things we put up on pedestals and worship, as at the end of a pilgrimage?

Or are these creations of ours actually more like mile markers, posts that show us both how far we have come and how far we have yet to travel?

Hope you had a lovely weekend, friends! And remember to join me tomorrow night for a fun, live q & a

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