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How was your week, friends? I went to a ‘couple’s shower’ (rather than a ‘bridal shower’), had my ladies over for patio brunch, and got prettttty excited about landscaping. Watch out!

In an effort to save up for a bunch of big, exciting things, next week I’ll start a spending diet with a fun budget of $30 per week (!!!). I’ll be documenting all the fun I can squeeze out of that seemingly paltry amount of money over on Instagram Stories if you’re curious.

Links for you!

Now that it’s iced coffee season, could you go plastic-free?

My ‘dressy’ sandals for the summer. So good!

Somewhat related: I really liked Yen Ha’s weekly outfits + general attitude! That first photo!

This interview with a Paula (of the skincare line Paula’s Choice) was full of some much information I didn’t know!
Parabens were actually the best broad spectrum, gentle, naturally derived preservatives, and the misguided fear-mongering around them is just absurd. Women are so frightened and words like “parabens” and “natural” are the buzzwords they know.

They don’t know that lavender is an endocrine disruptor. They don’t know that menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary oil, and almost every essential oil causes skin damage. It’s easier to be scared of a synthetic ingredient than a natural ingredient.

For those of us who are obsessed with Trader Joe’s Every But The Bagel seasoning.

I’ve been re-reading this, and it is SO GOOD!

Happy Ramadan to my Muslim readers! Let’s all read about these 25 influential Muslim Americans!

An important read: when you put your identity in work
I missed birthday parties, holidays, family reunions because I was working. I missed out on being a kid because I was too afraid sports and extracurricular activities would take me away from my academics. I missed school dances, sporting events, and bar nights.

While everyone else was making memories, I was making a splash with my career. I was proud of what I accomplished, but of course, it came at a cost.

I actually like this pesto better than traditional pesto – and it’s cheaper and vegan!

The Comments on My Selfies Are Different Now That I’m a Mom.

Totally co-signed on this: Minimize the pressure of consumer culture.

Clinics that provide abortions or refer patients to places that do would lose federal funding under a new Trump administration rule that takes direct aim at Planned Parenthood. Here are ways to give and support Planned Parenthood.

How you had a lovely weekend, friends!


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