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How was your week, friends? I coffee-d, caught up, and took walks with several friends, went to a graduation party and stuffed my face appropriately, and today Kenny and I are enjoying a four-day, three night sojourn in this adorable Airbnb. A converted train car! I am charmed! (If you’ve ever used Airbnb before, here’s a $40 credit towards your first booking!)

Links for you

Since it’s summer and we’re all at the lake/pool/ocean/river, a reminder that drowning doesn’t look like drowning.

Some professional insight into what’s going on with the ‘missing migrant children.’  I didn’t know any of this!

If you’re in the twenties and life doesn’t quite look how you thought it would, 7 impressive, accomplished women share stories from their lives at 22.
My boss would take credit for my work, had unrealistic expectations and made me cry weekly. I spent every chance I could hitting the town with my girlfriends…crossing our fingers that guys would buy us drinks – we certainly couldn’t afford our lifestyle. I lived with my best friend in a tiny yet adorable apartment that was in a shady part of town.

I pre-ordered this SO FAST.

Every time I post a selfie, someone asks about my eyeliner. It’s just this! $5.50!

Whaaaat? Playing Tetris after a traumatic event can reduce the likelihood of PTSD? (There are actually multiple studies that support this.)

Should we all be rebooting our routers?

This is really sweet: The Love Story I Never Thought To Tell.

Super interesting: 5 people on why they code-switch.
If I want to make guests, new folks or students of mine comfortable, I’ll greet them with a plucky “Hay y’all,” clasp onto their forearms and ensure them that “I got you baby!” As I’m pushing into my late twenties, I’m starting to recognize the patterns of when I use my Kentucky accent outside of familial spaces, and every time it’s to create warmth.

This Mediterranean cauliflower rice looks amazing!

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Thoughts on doing our part.
It’s the man and woman who left halfway through that I’ve thought of most often. His actions, his words, revealing a brand of entitlement that I’ve rarely seen so close. It was below his pay grade­­–that was the sense of it. And so he didn’t want to deal with it. But none of us did.

Not one person who walked into that coffee shop late on their Sunday could have anticipated, or expected, what was going to happen–­­and certainly, not one of us wished for it. And the thing about him leaving was this: it didn’t end the situation–­­didn’t ameliorate the conflict. He left the rest of us in there–­­in that small storefront, grappling with the situation and our conflicted feelings. He walked away, leaving the rest of us in the shit. And he knew it.

I loved these tips on decorating with inherited pieces.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



Thank you so much for the link to the twitter thread about the “missing migrant children.”
I’m not even a US citizen and still I think this is a very interesting and super important topic. And it is quite easy to see why so many people misunderstand the situation.
I love these posts because I get so much new information! Thank you :)) xx


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