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How was your week, friends? We had a four day, three night trip to Decorah, Iowa (adorable!) and Minneopa State Park (waterfall! bison! very under-visited!) I spent the rest of the week co-working with friends, attending my friends’ lovely wedding, and catch of up with buddies who were in town from Australia!

Links for you!

In light of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s deaths this week: Nothing Comes Before My Mental Health: 5 Lessons I Learned After Treatment

Related: if you live in Minneapolis, have you been to The Science Museum’s new exhibit about mental health? We’ll be going.

I just finished reading this and I’m still thinking about it.

A good point about time management as a woman: “People will come to you with their problems and imply that you’re the only one who can solve them. This is almost never true.”

A few weeks ago, I asked you guys if I should get one of these. I did and it’s amazing/disgusting and absolutely lives up to the hype!

Summer drink ideas!

Funny: Baby TripAdvisor.
We arrived after a long ride on an airplane to a very old lady at a desk with far too many buttons. She called me “adorable,” “beautiful” and “cute,” but not “precious.” Check-in took a zillion years, during which time I was twice mistaken for a boy. This hurt my feelings and I cried. Then I saw a birdie and it was the best day of my life.

Cuuuute! Adorable Couple Unknowingly Surprise Each Other by Proposing at the Same Time

If you’re self-employed or location-independent and looking to move, head’s up that Vermont will pay you $10,000 to move there and work remotely.

Fellow bloggers: if you’re looking to up your game this summer, I can’t recommend Tailwind highly enough. Pinterest refers 54% of my traffic and Tailwind lets me pre-schedule pins months into the future. Seriously, I spend about 2 hours a month scheduling things and then forget about it! Here’s a credit for two months of free Tailwind service!

I loved this post from Courtney.

  • Even though my closet is tidy, I still caught a cold.
  • Even though I’m debt free, anxiety still gets the best of me.
  • Even though my calendar has tons of white space, I still get hurt, inside and out.
  • Even though my home is clutter-free, there are days when I am a hot mess.

What if your friend moved into your old apartment and redecorated? Maybe this would be the end result.

A sweet story about Fred Rogers.

Hope you had a lovely week!



Just a heads up that the Vermont thing doesn’t apply to the self-employed, sadly. The rules say you have to be a remote employee of a company (so no freelancers). 🙁


Okay, I’m totally intrigued by the body mitten. As a sufferer of keratosis pilaris thanks to my first pregnancy (9 years ago, still have it!), I wonder if this would finally FINALLY help get it to go away.

Sarah Von Bargen

I can’t speak to it treating that specifically, but IT IS SO GOOD!

Janice O'Kane

Okay, Sarah, I have to admit I was so intrigued by the body mitten that I ordered one. Just used it this morning – oh my gosh! I know it is a process by I feel like I have new skin already. And yep, it’s as amazing/disgusting as everyone claims! SKIN GAME CHANGER! Thanks for sharing the link.


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