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What’d you get up to this week, friends? I mean, besides reading the news and tearing your hair out? I brunched with some of my favorite self-employed ladies, was interviewed for two podcasts (I’ll let you know when they’re live!), and attended my friend’s annual .10k party. Yes, you read that correctly. POINT 10 k. So fun!

Links for you!

Always into cleverly-arranged small spaces.

Related: an excellent storage solution for those of us with tiny bathrooms!

If you’re a blogger/vlogger/online person: good news! Every piece of content you create does not have to be created from scratch. If we’re friends on Facebook, you know that I re-post old stuff that’s applicable again ALL THE TIME.

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A good reminder to accept help when people offer it.
A couple of weeks ago my friend Tia emailed me asking how I was doing, whether I needed help, or just company. She offered to fly out for a few days.

I started to say no, no, you have your life, I’m fine, don’t…but instead I said yes.

I can hear her in the other room at this very moment; she’s sitting on the floor and playing Eye Found It! with my kids so I can hop on a conference call. I cannot believe I’m not jumping up to tell her not to worry, entertaining my kids isn’t your job, go relax! – but I’m not.

…And I think that’s maybe…okay?

Another beauty product I’ve heard good things about that I want to run by you. Have you tried this? Is it amazing/disgusting?

I re-read one of my favorite novels this week and it had so many good reminders about doing the work without expectations and letting go of snobbishness. A good-read for my fellow creatives!

When I move into a new space I fight the urge to Make! Everything! Perfect! Immediately! This kitchen makeover that took place over five years is a good reminder to slooooooow down.



I always used to want to do up a place as soon as I moved in, but there have been so many obstacles to my current renovation that four and a half years in I’m just starting to be able to see the finish line. I think it’s been good for me. Frustrating, but good. 😉


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