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What’d you get up to this week, friends? I hosted a buddy for lunch, did some in-person coaching (my favorite!), and right now I’m in my hometown attending my 20-year high school reunion (!!!).

If you have a reunion coming up: 5 ways to stop caring what people think + How to define success for yourself.

Links for you!

Cinnamon Harissa caramel corn!

If you have kids in your life: Talking To Your Kids About Scary Things In The News
Welcome kids’ emotions and feelings and hold them together with the kids in a safe space. Kids who feel like strong emotions that are coded as negative are “bad” or otherwise unwelcome won’t be open with you. Tears and yelling and anger and hurt and grief are all completely normal and okay – and feeling them with you there for support will mean the kids will learn they don’t have to repress themselves

You’re not imagining it! Your brain really does get slower in the summer!

A good reminder for all of us.

88 artists looked up into the sky and drew what they saw.

Is women’s media a scam?
Women’s media has also run on the first-personal travails of women. Though it sets a wildly different editorial tone, the Money Diaries invoke the ghost of xoJane, which exploited readers and writers alike by holding a “contest” for the best “It Happened To Me” first-person story. What happened was that it ran an endless stream of unpaid blog posts in which readers were invited to offer up their most traumatic experiences in return for zero dollars. The site came to represent the worst of the Personal Essay Industrial Complex, in which a publication creams the profits off women’s trauma, especially women of color, in the name of feminist solidarity.

I liked this: What would Sex And The City look like in 2018?

Somewhat random: are you using Tailwind Tribes? They’re like group boards for Pinterest but a JILLION times better. If you ARE using Tailwind Tribes, which Tribes are you part of? I’m looking to join some new ones that cover topics like self-development, goals, personal finance – and I’m struggling to find anything good!

Kenny and I had the ‘let’s get married’ conversation after dating for five months … though we waited another 1.5 years to have a wedding. 15 love stories from women who got married “quickly” 
“My husband and I met at a bar on December 4th and were engaged by February. Meeting him felt like lightning and being rescued from a deep, private loneliness at the same time. There’s a quote from Proust about how you knock on every door and then, magically, one opens. We’ve been married fifteen years and have two wonderful girls.”

I love a good pantry list – especially from food editors! Mine is nutritional yeast, medjool dates, and feta (because no one else in my house likes it, so I never have to worry about it running out)

Proud of Minneapolis’s Star Tribune for breaking this important, tough story.

I’m always vaguely disappointed when something expensive lives up to the hype. I just want to buy $7 things that are surprisingly awesome! So I regret to inform you that this $55 pillow is amazing.

Related: this is my current favorite eyeliner and it’s $5! But it’s tested animals. Do you have a favorite cruelty-free liquid eyeliner that isn’t a million dollars?

I LOVE LISTICLES! 26 One-Sentence Rules That Help Me Actually Achieve Work/Life Balance.

Something feel-good to end on: 25 Everyday Heroes We Could All Learn From

Hope you had a lovely weekend!



My fave liquid liner of all time ever is the Stila Stay All Day liner. It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than all the ones I’ve tried from Sephora ( Too Faced, Kat Von D etc) and it works way better !! No flaking or smearing etc. Also it’s available at my local drugstore chain. Win!


Same! I’ve been wearing it everyday for months and really love it. I also use the Thank Me Later eye primer to help it last.


I looked at the caspar pillow on AmazonUK and it doesn’t have great reviews; the Panda pillow on the otherhand does. Have you heard of it? Tempted to get it!


Thank you for sharing the article about your brain being slower in the summer, I thought it was just me!

Sarah Von Bargen

It’s always SUCH A RELIEF to realize you’re not alone, right?!


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