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So proud to call Ilhan Omar one of Minnesota’s own! Fellow Minnesotans: remember to vote in the primary on Tuesday! Here’s everything you need to know about the candidates and races. 

How was your week, friends? I crossed ‘hammock camping’ off my New Things List and was surprised to discover I liked it! It is a million times easier and more fun than tent camping.

I also opened my super-affordable ($35!) super effective class Bank Boost on Wednesday. In the last three months, Bank Boost students have collectively added more than $45,000 to their bank accounts! Class starts tomorrow, so if you’re keen to join us, now is the time!

Links for you!

Related to my hammock camping: if you’re in MSP, you can rent outdoor gear for a pittance at the University Of Minnesota’s Outdoor Center – even if you’re not a student! I rented my hammock for $6!

I was on the Middle Finger To Perfection podcast talking about the ways I am (and am not) a perfectionist and how to stop using money to buy love or solve other people’s problems.

I loved this colorful house tour!

What do 90-somethings regret most?
Every single one of these 90-something-year-olds, all of whom are widowed, recalled a time when their spouses were still alive and their children were younger and living at home. As a busy young mom and working professional who frequently fantasizes about the faraway, imagined pleasures of retirement, I quickly responded, “But weren’t those the most stressful times of your lives?” Yes of course, they all agreed. But there was no doubt that those days were also the happiest.

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Periodic reminder that if you like my taste in links, you’d love my Pinterest boards. Are we friends there?

Confirmed: Paul Rudd is exactly as lovely as expected.

How to support the victims of California’s latest wildfire.

Four bright spots in this never-ending maelstrom of bad current events:

  1. LeBron James’ new school
  2. This devoted shopping cart-return-er
  3. This awesome, successful fundraising initiative
  4. This advertisement for Las Vegas, of all places

Nine women talk about their divorces.

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I loved this: A Brooklyn Retreat Inspired by Movies of the 1990s

“I’m Outraged, but Failing at Activism. Why?”
If I focus on just one issue and apply genuine effort and attention to it, I just might contribute something useful. I choose to invest that energy in different ways, whether it’s writing about a pressing issue, amplifying the voices of others, donating money and time to nonprofit organizations, or whatever I can think of that might be useful. Sometimes, I have no idea how I can be useful, so I ask people who are well positioned to point me in the right direction because I recognize that I don’t have to have all the answers.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, friends!



I miss your non-sales related content. I love what you offer, just missing the other parts of the blog 🙂

Sarah Von Bargen

Hi Anon,

The reason I can continue to blog after 10 years and 2,000+ blog posts (without sponsors or ads in the middle of all the blog posts) is because I sell courses.

And in order to sell courses, I need to write blog posts related to the topics of the courses. Just like how tv shows have ad breaks and magazines have advertisements. Hosting a website, paying a coder, a designer, an assistant costs money … money that I make by selling courses.

The other parts of the blog – True Stories, Mini Travel Guide, Mornings In posts – I loved them! But people rarely ever commented on them, shared them, or pinned them … which seems to indicate that I was the only one you liked them.

I love running this blog and I love writing but ultimately, I have to be able to support myself. And that means writing sales-related content sometimes. 🙂


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