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Two photos from my recent trip to Winnipeg

How was your week, friends? I pho-ed with friends, celebrated some big accomplishments at The Lexington, and generally puttered around and nested because it was dark, cold, and rainy and that’s what you do in that weather!

I also started getting ready for the live version of Make It Stick Habit School which will start October 15th! If you want to get your habits on lock before we dive into the pandemonium of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, this is your chance. And because it’s live, you get weekly accountability check-ins, a private Facebook group, and live Q & As!

Links for you

First things first: How to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

A lot of you who watch my Instagram Stories were curious about the train ride we took yesterday. It’s this one and it is A DELIGHT.

Y’all know by now that I will not shut up about money, so I obviously loved this podcast episode.  Berna and Kristen talk about the best way to get your financial tasks handled without drowning your sorrows in 17 cans of beer and a pile of nachos + money as self care and empowerment, not gross life task. So good!

I am extremely co-signed on this. (Also: I’m 39.)

I’m reading this right now and wish I’d read it five years ago.

Yes! This relates to everything I teach in Bank BoostWhy You Feel Richer or Poorer Than You Really Are
You’d think feeling poor would make people thrifty, then. But it turns out, that isn’t great for financial decisions, either. Some research on scarcity suggests that feeling poor, even if you’re not, can incite brash purchases and other financial decisions that are “in a word, dumb,” Dunn says, like using a high-interest payday loan to buy a car.

Dunn’s colleague at UBC, Jiaying Zhao, has found that if you induce the psychological sense of scarcity in anybody, they’ll make “similar short-sighted kinds of decisions.”

If you feel like you have less, you may also feel like you have less to lose.

A good round up of career tips!

My mint plant is OOC so I liked these Mint Mojito DIY bath salts.

I LOVED Thalita’s house tour – and she’s DIYed almost all of it!

A reminder for all of us: you don’t need permission to live your life.
We seek permission from others about how to live our lives. We seek approval for what we should study in college, what job we should take, and which partner we should date. And we want to follow what others deem to be “best” for us.

Words I never thought I’d type: this floral wallpaper looks really great in this tiny travel trailer.

Related: Do you remember Frankie? I interviewed her about wearing vintage all day, every day (even when she goes hiking)? Frankie and her partner Donnie are circus/sideshow performers and they’re touring the US in their amazing Airstream! Frankie’s Instagram account is such a fun follow!

On Making Change Happen, Even When It Seems Impossible.

Nothing revolutionary happened. No one sold a kidney. No one won the jackpot.

I just changed my perspective.

I stopped thinking about how frustratingly stuck we were, spinning our wheels in the Land of No Professional Networking Opportunities, and I started asking myself what the problem was and if there were any other ways to solve it.

So, just a quick reminder:

There are almost always options.

FASCINATING. What does it cost to be big on Instagram?

Related: I’m am *not* big on Instagram, but I’d love to be friends with you! I post Instagram stories daily on topics like travel, money, happiness, habits …. and photos of our dog who is currently wearing a cone because she’s struggling to make good decisions in regards to licking.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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